October 18

I come from Shandong province of China, and that is the province which has the highest score requirement for high school students to get into college. Before the college entrance examination, the students have to struggle with grades in order to get into the college they want. In a vivid metaphor, the college entrance examination just like a battlefield, and the college’s minimum passing score just like a single-plank bridge,millions of students will charge towards the bridge. I still remember our high school’s teacher said that:”One more score you earn,thousands of student you’ve killed.” Students just like study machines which work for their parents,for a considerable job or keep their parents’ face. However, if you ask them why do they study, a few people can answer clearly. The more interesting thing is that, when many students get into college, they are relaxed all the time, they regard the college is the end of their study process, lazing away everyday. After all,any student can get the diploma after four years, however the students’ behavior is, even a student sleeps through whole four years, he also can get a diploma.

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