October 30

The opinion of Joanne is different from mine, She dose agree with the Desiree Bergstrom’s statement.  She wrote:”First of all, I know that the issue of student debt is affecting many college students, but if we think in a positive side that a college is actually a wonderful place for us to explore new ideas, meet people from different countries, learn different cultures and earn different job opportunities and experiment internships, we may feel better. For example, in a business working place, knowing more than one type of languages will benefit you when having business with customers from other countries. ” On the contrary, in my opinion, I surely disagree with author’s view.In my opinion, the purpose of studying various courses in the university is not to adapt to the future work, and I also think that what is needed in the work is the single professional ability rather than the general ability.One of mine opinion:”the article is logically untenable, because college students do not necessarily go to work after graduation. Some of them will start their own businesses or become self-employed.If for this part of the students, her view is totally wrong.”


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