November 1

In Joanne’s idea,in the online essay, “Global Digital Divide,” Pengfei Song discusses his life story from when he was a child to a teenager and to an adult. As he grows, the society around him is also changing and developing every day. He notices the quick development of technology in his country and slowly his family and him adapt to this information society.

In my opinion,I like the description of his parents in this article. Pengfei Song’s mother regarded the education as the most important thing in her son’s life, under this situation, Pengfei Song is able to be a successful person in modern society. Without Pengfei’s parents’ awareness of education, it was really hard for him to get high quality education under that poor education environment in china.From those descriptions, I feel the importance of family education. So, I firmly believe that only excellent parents can produce excellent children.

On summary, both Joanne and I think that the family education is really important for Pengfei’s success.

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