January 26th

Meaning of Name Assignment

The origin of my full name is from all around the world. My first name, Tori, originates from Japan and it means “bird”. My middle name, Angelique, has a French origin and it means “like an angel”. My last name, Santiago, originates from Spain and it means “Saint James”. My first name was given to me because my mom wanted a child named after her, after they named my brother after my dad. However, in my dad’s family it’s tradition to keep the same first letter in every kids name–it was a “t”. So, my mother being named Lori, decided to name me Tori. My parents wanted to give me a middle name that meant angel so, they named me Angelique. I don’t know why they decided to go French but my mom always told me that she wanted to nickname me angel, but the way I was when I was growing up was far form angel-like so, it never caught on. My dad’s family is from Puerto Rico so, that is where I get my last name from. I have never been embarrassed by my name before. My parents always taught me to be proud of my name and I never wanted to change it. I’m actually dreading when I get married because, then I feel like I’ll be obligated to have to change my last name.

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