February 5, 2018

In Nicole Lianto’s summary of the readings, she expresses similar issues that I mentioned in mine. The differing behaviors that people acted towards Garnette Cardogen from when he was in Jamaica to when he was in America was drastically different solely because of one thing–his race. It’s sad to believe that people are racially profiled in 2018 because people think our nation has come such a long way from racism. However, racial bias is still very much apart of our culture and we need to stop being so shocked that it happens, and accept that it does. Once people accept that racial bias is an issue, that is when people are able to start getting others to change. I agree with Nicole when she said that we should not use stereotypes to swayed our opinion on someone. Not all blacks, whites, asians, latinos are the same and, we do not need to treat them with the racial bias that was imbedded in our minds at a young age.

Moreover, Nicole’s response of “Scenes and Un-Scenes: Class Dismissed”, explains how people tend to believe anything these days without looking up hard facts. Nicole explains that today, people are becoming more open with talking about different issues because of tv shows, music and ads. Although I agree with that, I think there is still a ton more people can do to add to the conversation. People become blind to issues that are happening all across the country when they hear it repetitively, and they begin to wonder whether or not these issues are really a problem. I believe that people do not like to discuss different topics, whether it comes to race, politics, LGBTQ+ issues etc. because they have a fear of being too controversial.

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