February 7, 2018

Audio Literacy

  • We have to compose an essay about and a time/period/event that contributes to our identity
  • Must focus on music or soundscape
  • Reflect on your cultural, racial and language identity

Looking at this assignment right off the bat, I believe I will struggle with coming up with something that shows my experiences through life. I am black and Puerto Rican, however I do not believe I grew up with much culture. I didn’t grow up in a traditional Hispanic household and I didn’t grow up learning about black culture. To help me out with this challenge, I suppose I can think about times where I struggled with racial identity because I was listening to what other people were telling me who I am and, who I’m not. Something that I think will come easy to me throughout this essay process will be the music aspect. I love music and I feel like it will come naturally to me when it comes to picking music to match the words I am trying to convey. I believe this assignment is a cool way for the class to learn about people’s backgrounds and where they come from.

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