February 12, 2018

Brief Audio Essay Pitch

Being biracial you think you’d have the best of both worlds. You’d be welcome to so much culture that you couldn’t handle it sometimes. You’d be exposed to all types of food, music, dancing, and different cultural activities. However growing up in a community where being mixed was not common, caused a lot of people to group me in with what they saw fit who I was without accepting the entirety of me. As I was growing up, I lived in a predominately white and asian community so, many of them were confused when I they found out that I was mixed. I look like a black woman, yet my last name is Spanish but I only speak English. This confused a lot of people and being young, kids tend to ask more questions or not having a filter to what they were saying to me. While growing up I did not necessarily feel welcomed by the black community because I don’t “talk like a black person” or “my name isn’t black enough” or “you’re too privileged to be black”. But, the Latino community did not make me feel anymore accepted…. to be continued…

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