Feb 21st// American Idioms

American Idioms:

  1. get in someone’s hair: bother me and make me very angry. I find this slang is weird but somehow funny because I don’t get how someone’s ‘hair’ means that they are ‘angry’. why not just say, ‘get into your own business’ instead.
  2. pay through the nose: paying such a high price.
  3. tongue in cheek: joke. I think it is funny because I don’t get it why is every part of human’s body become a slang. first, hair. second, nose and now, check.
  4. fishy: strange. I legibly know why fishy means strange. It’s because fish smells really strong and people from far away can identify the smell of fish. ūüź†
  5. money talks: money has power. this slang is so interesting because I think money seriously talks. for example, money can make decisions.

Feb 14th// audio essay rough draft

Feb 12th, 2018// Audio Essay Pitch

My audio essay story is about what I experience during my study abroad here in San Francisco and how do I overcame my problems when I got home sick meaning that how do I make San Francisco feels like home to me. The ideas develop by telling the audiences what are the reasons that brought me to S.F. first and continuing to tell the audiences about what I experienced the first time I’m in S.F..

The conflicts grow when I decided to come back home to Indonesia because I felt like I don’t belong here in S.F.. Moreover, I learned so much about tolerance to others and be more open minded to others perspective and I’m still learning to be more aware of those two things.

Feb 9th, 2018 //audio essay free-writing

For my audio essay, I will talk about “My struggles in San Francisco and how I overcame it”


-: *background sound as a flight attendant is speaking and a noise as it is in the airport*

T: I remember that day was July 21st, 2015. That was the day I flew to the United States to pursue my education. I remember my parents didn’t come with me to the United States on the first time I flew in here because they were busy preparing the grand opening for their new office. I remember it was just the two of us flying to the United States, me and my high school best friend, Regina. We were so scared because we were only 17 years old, we were so young and naive and didn’t know anything about San Francisco.

As we stepped our foot outside the SFO, we immediately love San Francisco because of the weather. Back in Indonesia, the weather is too hot for us to bare with, so with San Francisco gloomy weather, we fall in love with it.

-: *uber driver voice*

T: We ordered an √ľber to get to our homestay (we lived at the homestay because we were underage to rent our own apartment).

-: *sound of women welcoming us to our new home in SF*

T:  Our guardian warmly welcomed us to our new home in SF. I still remember our guardian made us a hot chocolate because it was 12.30 am and it was really cold outside. She is Filipino, her country is really close to my country and that what makes us share a little bit of similar languages and similar cultures (Food and Tradition).

We couldn’t sleep at night for the first whole week since we arrived in SF because we still jet lag. Indonesia and SF have a 15 hours different in timezone. We slept in late morning and woke up in late noon, and we went out to explore SF.

At first, we really enjoyed SF. me and Regina explored SF together, we tried new food together and everything else together. Month passed by, I felt boredom attack because it was just always the two of us and no one else.

And oh by the way, we went to City College of San Francisco.

so, I made some friends at school, but it felt so different because I have a different cultures. I felt something empty because I didn’t find friends from the same country like mine who shares the same cultures and perspectives and who speaks the same language.


Feb 7th, 2018

For the first Audio essay I have ever made, I am expected to tell the audiences about my identities in order to bring the audiences into my past experiences. I am also expected to use audacity and iPhone as the technology to help me to complete this assignment because i show how audio essay is different from the written one. The challanges I might be faced to complete this assignment are, first, this is going to be my first time using audacity, that means I have no idea on how to edit my voice or insert sounds as my backing vocal perfectly. Second, I need to state all the words correctly in order to be understood well by the audiences and it might be a challenge for me too. Moreover, in order to complete this assignment perfectly, I will learn and watch youtube videos on how to use audacity so I can edit and insert songs perfectly, and I will ask for friends help if I really need it.

Personally, I think this audio essay assignment is a really creative way to improve the students’ skills. Not only by improving their skill in pronouncing a correct grammar, but also improving their skills in writing because students need to write a draft about their audio essay. Moreover, this type of essay that require to use a lot of technology is really good in awakening students’ awareness on how to use technology in a right way.

Feb 5th, 2018

I’m responding to Santa Takahashi’s writing summary as my in class summary response. Santa states that according on what¬†Tadeu Velloso said, the perfect ways to write an outstanding essay is¬†focusing on how to keep readers’ attraction, making sure to reflect on the message and including personal experiences to attract readers understand our own opinion.

Moreover, Santa is disagree that the United States is the “Melting Pot” and it is because everyone hasn’t yet have the same equal power and rights. On what Santa’s experience, different groups or races have different power in doing something. So, based on Santa, it is unfair to identified the United States as the ‘Melting Pot’.

Jan 29th, 2018 (Tiffany Tumewu, Yushan, Shen Yao

What is a refugee? According to ‚Äúthe UN Refugee Agency ‚ÄĚ, refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war, or violence. A refugee has a reasonable fear of persecution about race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group. Most likely, they cannot return home or are afraid to do so.

How refuges ended up in the United States? In this section, we will see why refugees choose United States to be the place for them to resettled other than other countries. First, according to International Rescue Committee, the United States has a habit of recommending refugees to fly to the United States in order to avoid persecution and war because the United States government sustains a long-established compassionate platform that offers protection in this country to a limited number of refugees who cannot securely return home or stay in their home country. Lastly, for me personally, the United States offer a bigger opportunity to people other than other countries. In United States, people can get a job easily if they have a hard- working personality because there are a lot of job opportunities and United States value human right, so the chance for people to be suffered in United States is less than any other countries.

I think one of the most important issues ¬†that refugees face is getting ¬†a refugees status because the process is comlicated and it may take years. Also, the mental health is a huge issue to refugees, since the host country is a totally different place compare to their home country. Different culture and language will affect them a lot. According to researchÔľĆit is estimated that¬†50 percent of refugee children fleeing Syria have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder¬†due to the horrors they have witnessed or experienced, however, only¬†5 percent ofthem¬†who have resettled in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey are receiving psychological suppor. and education to refugee children is a significant issues as well .UNHCR estimates that¬†only 50 percent of refugee children¬†have a primary education as opposed to a global average of 90 percent. The impact of education affects girls more than boys ‚Äď if all girls in Sub Saharan Africa (a region hosting many refugees) were educated to secondary level,¬†child marriage would fall by two thirds and 59 percent of teen pregnancies¬†would be prevented. ¬†


  1. https://www.unrefugees.org/refugee-facts/what-is-a-refugee/
  2. https://www.rescue.org/frequently-asked-questions-about-refugees-and-resettlement
  3. https://reliefweb.int/report/world/refugee-children-crisis-are-you-aware-challenges-they-face


January 26th, 2018

Assignment: Meaning of Name

First of all, my name is Tiffany Claudia Tumewu. This is an American name, however I was born and raised in Indonesia. All new born in Indonesian use American name in order to be easily recognized by the western countries. My mom named me Tiffany because when she was in her baby moon to Paris with my father, she saw this beautifully decor jewelry store “Tiffany&Co” and she immediately in love with the idea of Tiffany. So, yes. My name was inspired from the famous jewelry store. Moreover, my middle name is Claudia. Claudia is a French baby name because my parents went to Paris for baby moon and Claudia is from the clouds. During the year 1990 until 2000, my father studied about the sky, about the planet, about the cloud, about the star and all above in the sky. So, he named me Claudia and it is inspired from the Cloud. Lastly, Tumewu is my family name.

I have never in my life embarrassed with my name, in contrast, I really love my name and never ever I have thoughts to change it into something else.

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