April 30th, 2018

The inequality faced by women in America, reaches all sectors of our lives. It is appalling that we still have to convince others that not only is equality something that we need but that whatever we have going on now is definitely not it. First of all, gender inequality is the idea and situation that women and men are not equal, in this essay it is emphasized that women is less than men. According to Dastagir in USA Today, “In 2017, the government didn’t ask women what they wanted, but hundreds of thousands of them spoke up anyway”. Here we can see that the government didn’t even want to know what women are thrive for, which means the government do not care about women. How could the “men” citizen of the United States care for women if their government, the one who should care about a country’s civilization itself don’t care? Moreover, according to Dastagir in National’s Women Conference, women are only concerned about affordable childcare and affordable health care for herself because they don’t get equally paid in their work field. Even though women works as hard as mens, they still got discriminated in salary because the authority thinks men are better than women and the authority thinks that men are the provider for the family, so they need to be paid higher. However, in today’s world, it is not the case anymore, most of men do not paid for their family again, or most women are single mothers, so they have no one to pay for them. 



Dastagir, A. E. (2017, March 23). What do men get that women don’t? Here are a few things. Retrieved April 30, 2018, from https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/03/01/2017-womens-history-month/98247518/

April 25th, 2018/ Sentence Fragment

  1. F. I attended Morris Junior High and it was a bad experience.
  2. F. The scene was filled with beauty, such as…
  3. C
  4. F. It was difficult to distinguish between a wide range of features.
  5. C
  6. F. it can be…. , especially….
  7. F. … .although,….
  8. F in…… for football to prove…
  9. F. ….., not realizing….
  10. C

March 28th, 2018// In Class Writting

From me personally, I think I’m not a really good test taker. I did really good on class participation or on  homework or on pop up quiz or anything that is impromptu because when I am well prepared, I usually blew up. When I have a test coming up, I always prepare myself two nights before the day and when the day comes, I will feel really confidence about it, however, I always get nervous because I was too confidence and my result usually didn’t come up as best as I thought it could be. I have ever tried not to prepare myself too much, not to pressure myself, but I always ended up with lack of sleeping because I keep on thinking that I haven’t well prepared yet.

The main reason why I usually blew up my test is because the time pressure. I always think that I wouldn’t have enough time to finish my test, but when I finish my test and still got a time, I always think there must be something wrong with my test because I still got time. So, I really hate tests.

Moreover, I always give my 100% enthusiasm in class, so I did an excellent work in class for pop up quiz for example. But the more I study, the more I forget about what I just learned because I got so much pressure, and that is why I suck at tests.

March 26th, 2018// College Education

In my country, Indonesia, especially in a city where I was raised, South Sulawesi, education is still limited. We only have two schools that are considered as the best school and that are compatible with the school in the capital city of Indonesia, and to go to that two specific school, people need to pay triple extra cost. Though, both of the school are national plus school, we still lack of everything. Students don’t learn English intentionally, students are mandatory to buy books that are written in English which costs hundred dollars, but students still learn in our mother language. And the most frustrating thing is that people need to be graduated from that two specific high school in town in order to get a good “link” for their business, otherwise the people wouldn’t look at the graduated students from another schools.

For the most Christians family in my city, our parents really have the pressure for us to get into that specific school because as I said repeatedly, Indonesia is a Muslim country and all Christians got discriminated. Imagine if I didn’t graduated from either of that school, people would look at me as I’m incomplete because I’m a Christians and I’m not compatible.

Moreover, to relate on what kind of education I love the most, I could easily say that I love private school more than public school. It is because I think with the limited people that can get into the private school, the learning experience in the class is more intense because private school has limited students, and also it is easier to register into classes in private school. I went to government school for my college in San Francisco and in my point of view, it is really hard for me to register for classes because there were too many students that were trying to register too, and for one classes, it can contains up to 50 students. First, even. though public school is cheaper, but I think the classes are not effective because there were too many students and the classrooms space are not big enough to hold us all.


March 5th, 2018// Words

Original:                                                                                     Translate:

Aku hanya sebutir debu

                                        I'm just a gray dust 
                                        that blinks 
                                        undeserved above the holy 
                                        can not escape 
                                        when the wind blow me for you, 
                                        then fly ...

yang memburamkan kilau

tak pantas berada diatas suci

tak bisa menghindar

saat angin hembuskan aku untukmu,

lalu terbang …

link : http://www.puisipendek.net/puisi-alam

for me personally, google translate is translating the context in a repetitive way. In the first line we can see “sebutir debu” and the translation is “grey dust”, meanwhile in the original context the writer do not mention about the color of the dust, everyone knows that dust is grey, so for me sometimes, in using google translate, we can indicate a lot of repetition.

sometimes, google translate also misinterpreted the meaning of the context. In the second line we can see that “memburamkan kilau” is translated as “that blinks”, while the true meaning in Indonesia isn’t suppose to be “that blinks”, it is suppose to be “that doesn’t blink”.


Mar 2nd, 2018// Brainstorming ideas for Essay 2.

In Stealing Buddha’s Dinner by Paula Miranda, she describes how Bich Minh Nguyen feels to have a multiracial identity. So, basically Nguyen is a Vietnamese full blooded woman because both of her biological parents are Vietnamese. However, their family moved to the States and her father  marry a Mexican American woman and that what makes Nguyen lives in a multiracial family that shares a Vietnamese, Mexican and American culture. Nguyen states that, “It was too much for me to synthesize white American culture, Mexican–American culture, and my own Vietnamese culture all at the same time. I couldn’t explain, either to Rosa or myself, that in wanting to belong everywhere I ended up belonging nowhere at all. (176)”. From the quotes, the reader can respond that Nguyen has a hard time socializing with Mexican-American culture while she also needs to embrace her Vietnamese culture, and the impact of this event is that she doesn’t which culture she belongs to because she only knows a part of each culture, whereas the Vietnamese can say she doesn’t belong as a Vietnamese because she lives in the States and already blend in with American culture. However, the American could say that she doesn’t belong to be stated as American because she is still embracing her Vietnamese culture. And to the most complicated thing, she also doesn’t belong to Mexican culture because she knows nothing about the culture and she doesn’t have Mexican blood.


Reference List:

Mirando, P. (2014). Stealing Buddha’s Dinner. Shared Experiences of Multiethnic Children .

Feb 26th, 2018// In class writing

In my family, the most important thing is to respect each other, even though we have a higher status because we are older, we still need to respect the Youngers. I have 2 other siblings, one elder sister and one younger brother. As a children in our family, we do not have a responsibilities to do in our house, because our mom pretty much takes care of everything and we also have helpers to help us with the house work, so our responsibilities as a children is only to maintain a really good grade in school. We celebrate everything in our house, such as birthdays, Christmas, New Year, but the most important thing is Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is a moment where all the families from the previous and previous generation comes and gather together in one house to pray, to eat to, and to share what they have done or what they have been achieved in the past year. also, this is the time when people that have married share their prosperity and joy to others that haven’t married yet by giving them  a red envelope.

Feb 23rd, 2018// Identifying Plagiarism

  1. No, because this is a common knowledge.
  2. Yes, this is plagiarism because we should always cite the author even though we are paraphrasing.
  3. Yes, this is plagiarism even if that is our own writing but we shouldn’t use the same material twice.
  4. Yes, this is the case of plagiarism. we should never copy and paste from Internet or even our friends. it is better to paraphrase, but remember to cite the source from internet.
  5. Yes, this is the case of plagiarism because she doesn’t cite the sources even though she paraphrases, but she makes it like that idea is her own idea.

Feb 21st// American Idioms

American Idioms:

  1. get in someone’s hair: bother me and make me very angry. I find this slang is weird but somehow funny because I don’t get how someone’s ‘hair’ means that they are ‘angry’. why not just say, ‘get into your own business’ instead.
  2. pay through the nose: paying such a high price.
  3. tongue in cheek: joke. I think it is funny because I don’t get it why is every part of human’s body become a slang. first, hair. second, nose and now, check.
  4. fishy: strange. I legibly know why fishy means strange. It’s because fish smells really strong and people from far away can identify the smell of fish. 🐠
  5. money talks: money has power. this slang is so interesting because I think money seriously talks. for example, money can make decisions.

Feb 14th// audio essay rough draft