MonthJanuary 2017

World’s Fastest Women

The fastest women biker can bike 140 miles an hour. This is so inspiring and uplifting because even at this young age, women should be able to do the same things as men and even do them better. When you are biking that fast you should only be thinking about what is right in front of you, biking fast and nothing else. When you are biking at that speed something happens to you which is called the Von Karman Effect. This affect makes it seems like you are floating and like your legs are air. I have felt this while dancing for long periods of time. It feels like you are flying and there is nothing else around you, just you and your body. It is amazing. But getting to this point takes a lot of dedication and commitment to yourself and your training. If you train hard and be really committed you will reach this point and this article basically shows the hard work and commitment needed to reach a point of bliss when biking and competing.


“What Every Kid Wants”

I have always loved riding my bike. My family and I would use to go on bike rides through people’s farm lands and see all the animals. Biking brought us all together and made my weekends growing up so much fun. My most accomplished memory though, was when I learned to ride a two wheeler by myself. My sister took off the training wheels for me and I learned how to ride the bike all by myself. My worst bike memory was when I was biking fast down my street and fell in front of my house. My helmet must have been bad because it came off when I hit the ground. I felt really sad. I will probably not become and competitive biker but I think Strickland and I  both have the same emotions. When I was in high school I would ride my bike around the neighborhood because it made me feel happy and I felt all the stress of school lifted off me. I feel like this is why Strickland rides his bike as well. It helps him cope with his reality and  it made him so happy to forget his present life and live in a dream.

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