MonthFebruary 2017

Rhet Week

I thought the speeches that were presented for Rhet week on the day we went were really good. They were very confident and had a lot to say. They were all very passionate about their topics and had really good speech topics. Their topics were really relatable to everyone. The awards that were presented were very exciting because those people did very well on their speeches and it was well deserved. And finally I was really excited that there was food because I did not have to eat at the caf afterwards.

Speech 1 Reflection

Overall, I thought my speech was okay. The experience of researching for the speech was really interesting because I was really interested and passionate about the topic. The presentation portion was a little nerve racking but it was a lot of fun. I think I could of had more facts in my speech and could have been a little more confident in myself. Hopefully that confidence will build with more time and practice. I enjoyed listening to everyones speeches and getting to hear what they had to say. A lot of the speeches were really funny and were entertaining to listen to. I look forward to listening and performing more speeches in this class!

Speech Topics

1) How people in biking outfits have more credibility than others in non-biking outfits. I would like to see how wardrobe as an effect on how people take each other seriously on the road and off the road. If you see someone walk in a biking outfit you might think, he is more credible than a person who comes in just leggings and a sweatshirt. 2) How riding bikes and listening to music affects your mood while riding. Many people ride bikes and listen to music at the same time and I want to see how that affects their mood and how it helps them deal with the areas they are biking around. 3)  How biking affects your mentally and how that affects how far you ride. Riding distance depends on how you are feeling that day. If you are not feel well that day then you might not want to ride far but if you are having a good day you would want to ride farther and have a longer time on your bike.


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