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Audience Post

As a performer myself, I believe audience is a huge part of the whole experience.  Getting to convey your message to an audience takes a lot of self confidence and respect for yourself and whatever art form you are doing. As a dancer and a singer connecting to my art form is the greatest tool needed to convey what I am performing to my audience. The audience I try to send my message out to from my songs and dances are people who understand and really connect to what I am saying and expressing,but I want to perform in a manner that people who are not familiar with the arts can understand too because reaching out to all types of people is very important because you want your art form to spread. Of course I want my audience to enjoy and understand what I am performing because if they enjoy my performance that energy and vibe from them encourages me and boosts my confidence and helps me portray my message.

Speech 2 reflection

I thought my speech two was okay. I was really passionate about my topic and it was exciting to research and talk about what I learned to the class. I am pretty sure I could have done better but it is okay. I liked everyones speeches because they were all interesting and fun to listen too. I think next time my speech will be better hopefully but this was a great experience.

Speech 2 #3

Speech 2 #2

Speech 2 #1

Speech 2 write out

Well for those of you who do not remember my name, my name is Tharshana and I am going to start off with a little story. This is a true story just to let you know. Two girls age 10 and 12 and dad went on a bike ride on a Saturday morning. They were biking on the sidewalk on the side of a busy street and a teenager was speeding on the road and lost control of his car and swerved his car and hit them dad and the two daughters. One of the daughters and the dad did not survive but the other daughter did because she was wearing her helmet and was at the end of their line. So obviously I support wearing helmets because they are necessary to make sure bikers are safe while on the road.


(1st point) When we went out to the panhandle the other day, my good friend Henrietta and I counted the number of bikers with and without helmets that came across in maybe a span of 15 to 20 minutes.  In the span of that time we saw 80 bikers wearing helmets and 15 bikers not wearing helmets. I think half of them were in this class.


(Supporting) First of all, we decided we got this big of a number because it was rush hour and a lot of people commute on bikes because it saves money and it is the city who would really want to drive in the city. Second, biking in the city in my opinion is more dangerous than biking in a suburban area because there are more cars, the roads are narrower so that is probably why many people wear their helmets in the city.

45,000 bicyclists were injured in traffic 1n 2010, down 10 per cent from 50,000 in 2014 (52,000 in 2015)

there people were probably not wearing helmets to be honest lol


(2nd point) But also, many people do not wear helmets even though they are in traffic situations.


In cities such as New York, 92 percent of all bicycle deaths occur as a result of crashes with motor vehicles. And that they were not wearing their helmets. In a big city like New York biking is difficult cause it is so packed



(3rd) Why you should wear helmets

Speaker:  The Colville doctor talked about how wearing helmets was useless so we are not going to talk about him cause I like helmets. The pediatric doctor who said that helmets were safer because they gave skulls protection and people need their brains tbh



Conclusion: Bikes Good Helmets good Stay safe

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