MonthApril 2017

Youtube Voice

Many Youtubers that I watch are those who I feel have in one way or another have found their youtube voice. This is the reason why watching some youtubers is a lot more interesting than others. YouTube is a platform that can be used to help one person reach out to millions of others just by their voice. This is the same type of impact that a lot of people want to make in their lifetime but do not know where to start. Famous Youtubers like Miranda Sings, Jus Reign, and NigaHiga use theatric skills as well as their youtube voice which makes whatever they argue seem a lot more compelling. These youtubers do not have any special ability that makes them different from us, but they do know to use their voice to their advantage. I would love to be a youtuber because I want to put myself out there and be famous. Alas I don’t have enough time for it.

Speech 3 Topic

In class today I talked about my experience of audience and I wasn’t sure how to relate it to biking so I am probably not going to. I am going to talk about my dance experience with audience and how having that surreal experience on stage is because of my audience.


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