Speaking Center 1:

So this was my first time going to the speaking center and I really liked it. They gave me a lot of tips for making my speech more organized and efficient. She even let me say my speech for her and then critiqued me and gave me notes. It was a really good experience


Speaking Center 2:

This was my second time going to the speaking center. This time we put together an outline and worked on my visual aid performance. It was really nice because she gave me a lot of tips that I did not really know and the whole experience was a lot of fun.


Speaking Center 3:

This time for my speaking center appointment, the topic was really personal to me. It was really nice putting together key points of my presentation and making sure they stood out and making sure I was putting emphasis on the right parts of my presentation. It was a lot of fun.


Speaking Center 4:

For my final speaking center appointment, I showed her the song that Natalia and I put together. She laughed a lot. And then we went through what my favorite parts of class were and made sure I was talking about the proper parts. It was really sad to say bye to the tutor from the speaking center cause we became friends.