How we became friends

What we took out of the class

1st Point:

Bike culture in Sf and around the world

Women on bikes

2nd Point:


Opportunity to go out on bikes and explore the city

Inspired us to go out more and really appreciate the biking life

3rd point:


Became more aware of the number of bikers in the city



Write out:

So Natalia and I were sitting on the grass one day and we were thinking about when we became friends. Although we are neighbors we actually became friends in this class.

So we wanted to talk about what we really liked about this class.

Special Surprise

So this semester we talked about bike culture in sf and around the world and we learned a lot from it.

We learned about the culture of women on bikes and how it is very important everywhere, and being women ourselves we feel really passionate about this and learning more about the bike culture with women really inspired us to really go out there and bike.

We also really loved how this class gave us the opportunity to go out and explore city and personally I have lived in the city my entire life and I have never biked around it except for on the golden gate bridge so the fact that we went around golden gate park on bikes

Also, I did not really realize how many people really biked in sf until I took this class and saw how many people wore helmets and didn’t. And I wouldn’t have been aware of this if I didn’t take this class cause first semester I was not really aware of how many people biked around here.

And we decided that we both really like karaoke although we suck we karaoke to love is an open door from frozen cause who doesn’t love frozen.

I met my musical inspiration vibkingdom

My best friend Elijah

My long lost father chase

All in one class and I couldn’t have been more satisfied this semester.


I thought this speech was so much fun. It was really fun putting together the song and I am really sad this semester is over. It was just a fun experience giving the speech with Natalia. The presentation of the whole thing was fine. This semester just showed us to be confident in yourself and your speech will be fine.