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Name and where you are from and why you chose this topic

1st Point:

Biking has a lot of benefits when done properly

2nd Point:

How working on a stationary bike is good

3rd Point:

Biking helps you mentally as well come back into shape


Biking in general really helped rehabilitate my knee and that is why I took this class because biking has been a huge part of my life.

Write out:

Hi my name is Tharshana Prakash I am from Walnut Creek and I am a psychology major. There are a lot of biking psychology topics that I could have done for my presentation but I decided to do my presentation of how biking can help rehabilitate your knee mentally and physically. I did this because when I was a freshman in high school I tore my ACL playing soccer. After surgery for the rest of high school I biked a lot to rehabilitate my knee. This helped me mentally and physically and throughout that time period I realized that any type of biking stationary or on the road really helps you physically and mentally come back into shape.

Biking has a lot of benefits when done properly. After knee injuries biking can restore knee joint range of movement. This helps with making sure you are not in pain while walking.  It can also increase knee joint stability and increase the strength of muscles around the knee and can decrease pain. From personal experience biking really helped me bring back the strength in my entire leg. Biking is good for your leg because It is non-weight bearing and has low impact. It uses a range of motion that is needed for most activities of daily life. It  has controlled movement so you do not over or under work the muscles in the leg and it minimizes further injury


Biking also nourishes joint cartilage, and is also good for the heart because it works the muscles needed for you to stay healthy. I started on a stationary bike for the first two months and then after I felt comfortable with the movement and action and switched to the bike on the road and have been riding on the road ever since.


Biking helps you mentally because it gives you an escape and another place to go and not think about anything. Personally when I bike, I don’t think about anything and I just let my mind wander and be happy. When athletes who have not played sports for long periods of time get back on the bike it gives them a sense of hope and accomplishment. It gives them they hope that they will be back out there playing sports and running around having fun. Biking helps athletes mentally and physically and it has helped me come back to being fit and healthy.

I never went back to play soccer. A part of me was kind of scared to but I went back to dance. And the summer before the start of the fall semester, I did a two-hour solo performance and my knee felt great.