Module 1:Peer Analysis

View from USF Lone Mountain.
© Qiqi Zhuang 2017


We had our first presentation at the Golden Gate Park. There are many things I can learn from watching everyone’s presentation.

I like how Malia showed her passion through her speech. She seemed very confident and had a great knowledge of her information. She had eye contact with the audiences constantly, which many of us did not do well. Watching Malia’s presentation gave me a hint of how I can improve my own presentation.

I also noticed that many of us stood “uncomfortably” while we did the presentation. Maybe we were nervous, or maybe we were lack of confidence. When we stood on the stage, we might not realize moving our legs and hands around is a big deal, but the audiences can see it clearly, and it will usually leave them a bad impression. That’s something I think we all need to avoid.