Module 2: Discussion of Sources

Chungking Express © QIQI ZHUANG 2017

For the module 2 presentation, I used the evidence Malia and I collected at the Panhandle. I feel like it’s the best way to show my credibility since the evidence is actually collecting by us. My topic is how we can make the Panhandle a safer place. Therefore, I learn the tricks from “How to lie with Statistics” and analyze the data by showing graphs and charts in order to emphasize how fast cyclists ride comparing to the normal speed of the pedestrians.

I also did some research on the classification of the path at the Panhandle and I found that it’s a Class I Multi-Use Path, which means the path is shared by both cyclists and pedestrians with a dashed line in the middle to separate them. I searched for pictures and online articles and saw that many people are complaining how some of the cyclists take the whole path and regardless the safety of the pedestrians. These articles gave me an idea on how I can talk about the improvement of the path.