Module 2: Self Reflection

Tricycle! (Out of focus, hehe;)
© Qiqi Zhuang 2017

I think I did my module 2 presentation way better than the first one!

I was not nervous as before, had more eye contact with the audience and tried to use some body language. I didn’t bring a note or write-out because I want to avoid reading from the paper. Although there were a few times I forgot what to say and had to look at my laptop, overall I kept my eyes on the audience and the slides.

One thing I need to do better is that I need to make the transition between each slide/topic more naturally. I feel like I might use too many slides and therefore there are some points where I don’t know what to say and leave the classroom awkwardly quiet. Next time I’ll do the slides more appropriately so the unnecessary blanks won’t happen again.

Anyway, my speech flowed more smoothly and I’m happy with my improvement.