Student Profile: Hassan Chadad

CS Graduate Student
Hassan Chadad, MSCS ’19

Hassan Chadad is a graduating Master’s student from Lebanon. As a tutor in the CS Labs, Hassan helps students at all levels to master key CS topics and help them grow as programmers. Hassan has web development experience and is passionate about the education sector, building games and systems that help educate others.

What was the deciding factor to pursue your MSCS at USF?

Pursuing my masters degree in computer science was my top goal but I wasn’t sure where should I do it. First, I chose the United States as my target destination because it is the mother of technology, then I chose the bay area because it is the capital of technology in the United States. But the main reason why I chose USF to pursue my MSCS was because the CS faculty consists of distinguished researchers and accomplished experts that brings real world computing experience into the classroom. Meeting distinguished researchers and experts was enough to motivate me and inspire me to get my degree and change the world.

Tell us a bit about your current role. What is the favorite part of your job or program?

Both my roles are teaching roles. My favorite part of my jobs is seeing how stressed and lost the students are when they come for help and how confident and happy they become after helping them. I chose those jobs because I really love my major and I want every student to love it. I want to help every student overcome the fear of programming and writing algorithms because when they do, they will see how interesting and exciting the major is.

What has been the most surprising part of your career/ studies since starting at USF?

When I started my studies at USF, I was surprised how modest the professors are. I still remember the first day when Professor David Wolber came and sit next to me and we started talking, I didn’t know he was the Department Chair so I was surprised and impressed how modest he is. I know this would seem normal but in my country that doesn’t happen, that’s why it really meant to me. I also was surprised how the professors allow the students to work with them on research. I really liked the idea because it helps students work on fields that interest them; also, it breaks the routine that the student is living in and builds a strong relationship between the professor and the student, so that the student would feel more confident and free to do what s/he feels more interested into.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

My dream is to erase discrimination from the whole world. It really irritates me how people discriminate by gender, skin color, or physical appearance. I have a physical disability and I got bullied a lot when I was a child, it really hurts to feel that you are bullied and discriminated. Bullying and discrimination are very correlated and I think if we raised the new generations wisely, we can at least control the discrimination and decrease the bullying incidents.

What is one piece of advice you would give a current CS student?

My advice to CS students is to stay close to the professors and try to learn from them as much as you can. Each professor has his/her own life experience that would help you make wise decisions and build your future. Work hard and don’t give up. Computer science is a challenging major but it is not hard. Challenge yourself and don’t limit your goals because your major is unlimited.

Fall 2018 State of the Department

The USF Computer Science department is thriving with four new tenure-track faculty members, two new research labs, a new graduate “Bridge” program that readies graduates from other majors for a Master’s in CS, and graduate enrollments that have doubled since 2016 and undergraduate enrollments that have tripled since 2013. The department is the largest and most diverse it has ever been in terms of both faculty, students, and expertise.

New Faculty

The new faculty members include Beste Yuksel who just started her third year and works in Human- and Brain-Computer Interfaces, Matthew Malensek (2nd year) who works in Big Data, David Guy Brizan (2nd year in CS) who works in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, and Vahab Pournaghshband (1st year) who works in Networks and Security. Hiring in CS is a huge challenge and we are thrilled to have added these terrific teachers and researchers to our department, and to have broadened our areas of expertise. Continue reading “Fall 2018 State of the Department”

USF Computer Science Sends First Cohort to Tapia

Each year, the Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing brings students, professionals, and academics together to acknowledge, promote and celebrate diversity in computing. Participating for the first time, USF Computer Science sent five students to Orlando, Florida to participate, network, and recruit upcoming diverse computing leaders.

This year’s conference, themed Roots of Innovation “reminds us to celebrate the historical role of diversity with respect to STEM innovation, and declare it as a standard essential set of roots for computing innovation in the future.” We asked the student participants to share their experience at this year’s conference: Continue reading “USF Computer Science Sends First Cohort to Tapia”

USF Computer Science Sends Largest Cohort to Grace Hopper

The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing is the largest celebration of it’s kind in the world. It provides attendees with an unforgettable experience, filled with amazing opportunities and exceptional content focused around women in technology. Women from all across the world come to network, learn, and discuss their experiences and wisdom from the tech industry.

This year, the Department of Computer Science sent our largest cohort of 32 students, two faculty, and two staff to the conference in Houston, Texas. This was made possible through the generous support of the Craig Newmark Foundation. We asked the students to share their experience at this year’s conference. Continue reading “USF Computer Science Sends Largest Cohort to Grace Hopper”

MSCS Student Profile: Gauri Joshi


Gauri Joshi
Gauri Joshi

Graduate students in Computer Science come from a wide-range of backgrounds. With 16 countries and 13 states represented, they also come from all over the globe! Gauri Joshi is a second-year MSCS student, originally from India who will be joining Ebay, Inc upon graduation this month. Learn more about Gauri’s inspiring journey through the MSCS.

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BSCS Transfer Profile: Kevin Beltran

Kevin Beltran
Kevin Beltran

The University of San Francisco’s diverse community welcomes students from all over the world and from many different backgrounds. In this newsletter, we wanted to recognize our amazing transfer community and highlight Computer Science junior, Kevin Beltran. Kevin joined USF’s Department of Computer Science this past fall from the Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL. Continue reading “BSCS Transfer Profile: Kevin Beltran”