An Instructional Design (ID) consultation is an opportunity for instructors to meet one-to-one with an instructional designer or multimedia developer to explore enhancing their content delivery or to address a broad range of other topics including active learning,  multimedia design, or online content delivery. Individual faculty have different aspirations for their courses, distinct technical skills that they bring, and varying levels of support or feedback they might prefer in a consultation.

The goal for a consultation is simply to address the course design needs you bring us—to partner with you to develop more engaging learning and enrich the student experience. As academic instructional designers, we bring a range of skills and experience working with a great number courses within many content areas and different delivery models, focusing mainly on face-to-face, hybrid and flipped learning within consultations. For example, you may want to try out a new learning model before committing to a larger change, such as flipping a single lesson before extending the model through the course. We meet you at your desired level for technology integration, and in fact, a consultation may not lead to any technology integration. Many consultations focus on incorporating more active learning or effective assessment, independent of an online component. For all consultations, we begin with asking questions and then focus on offering the best approaches and options, working thoughtfully with you to fit your style of teaching. Consultations offer collaboration, but it’s your course.  

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