Mission Statement

Instructional Designers support faculty to integrate active learning, apply research-based best practices for course design, and implement educational technologies effectively.

While instructors have access to a range of instructional technology and trainings at USF, the instructional design team supports instructors’ use of educational technology in the context of their course content, cohort and teaching style, and offer input on course content design principles to optimize student learning and engagement.

About this blog

The world of technologically enhanced education is still young, yet rapidly developing, and we must meet instructional challenges with creative, research-based solutions.

The point of this site is not simply to repeat what’s easily searchable online, but to curate and distill the massive amount of information within the context of the University of San Francisco. Whether you are the director of an online program, an instructor who will develop or facilitate a course, or anyone in the campus community who is eager to know more about technology-enhanced education, then we hope this site will be of use to you.

On the blog, will strive to answer some of the most commonly asked questions, as well as address trends and issues in digital education as they arise. Additionally, and more importantly, we hope that you participate whether through asking questions, providing feedback, or submitting an article of your own that reflects your experiences in leveraging technology for your instruction.

Thank you,
The Instructional Design Team

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