MonthJanuary 2017

On the Cyclist: Kathryn Bertine

Kathryn Bertine has undoubtedly made some history in the world of professional cycling for women. My thoughts on her is that she is someone we can all learn from. She has consistently pushed to achieve her goals and make changes. She lobbied for the addition of women in the Tour de France, but settled for La Course by La Tour de France. A professional cyclist, a writer and a documentary maker, Bertine has left a mark. But as a society we could all learn of her struggle and folly. Constantly pushing for more women in professional cycling, writing books, traveling, advocating and training all take there toll. Bertine demonstrates to us that there is such thing as “too much” and over-zealousness in her ambition. In the end, she learned that “giving-up” isn’t entirely a bad thing, because then she can ask for help when she really needed it. A lesson that we all should learn.

Thoughts on Strickland

Page 24:

On this page, Strickland writes about how the bike is the first vehicle we master and that it teaches us to balance life. From my childhood I did not master how to ride a bike and today I barely can bike straight and turn at an angle greater than 30 degrees. My first vehicle I mastered and consider a vehicle is Public Transit. I think  the difference lies in that when I tried to learn to ride a bike I often had to learn by myself. This happened in school and other situations where my parents gave me little to no assistance. I fell enough times that I didn’t try to ride a bike again until I was 13 years old, and my 8 year old sister taught me. In middle school, I had the privilege of wandering the city of Portland during daylight and that was when I familiarized myself with public transit, which is  why I consider it as my first mastered vehicle.

Speaking of Bicycles Introduction Video

My Introduction Video!!!

I look awkward and I know it.

Hope you people like it!!

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