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Cycling News. “Giro d’Italia unveils 2013 leaders’ jerseys.” Cycling News (2013).

This article is on the Giro D’Italia where Paul Smith unveils a new set of cycling jerseys for the race. It also speaks a little about Smith’s influence on cycling racing fashion.

Modzelewska, Maria. “Making women’s casual wear cycling friendly: New method for merging styles in fashion.” Linneuniversitetet Kalmar Vaxjo 2015: 1-104. Independent Student Dissertation.

This very long and heavily researched article is a student dissertation of fashion and cycling, specifically with women. However, there is much information that is applicable to both men and women such as the balance of sport and fashion styled clothes.

Teasdale, Charlie. “Changing gear; A serious accident propelled the aspiring pro cyclist Paul Smith into fashion. Now, a new collection of cyclewear has brought him full circle.” The Times (2014): 4. Newpaper Article.

This article is on the history and background of World-renowned designer Paul Smith and is a summary of his journey to where he is today.

Wunsch, Susi. “Bike Fashion: Lose the Spandex with These Casual Cycling Clothes.” Bicycing (2013). Magazine Article.

This article is one some of the many sub-styles of city/casual cyclist. It includes Minimalism, Sustainability, Enterprising and Classics.


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