1.  One of the Places Byrne mentions in the chapter on Istanbul is his hotel that he stayed at the  Pera Palas Hotel. Byrne  calls the hotel as “slightly- run down” but in the days of the Orient express it was the “height of Elegence”. Looking into this hotel and its website I perceive it as a very elegant hotel and by the images and reviews many people enjoy staying at the hotel. I don’t think it is at all “run-down” and in fact it is still retaining its elegance from the Oriental Express period.
  2. My overall reaction to Byrne’s chapter on Istanbul is that I am unsure how to feel. He writes about a lot of event happening in the city and the country of Turkey from the Topkapi Palace, to his hotel called Pera Palace. The image of Istanbul he paints in my perspective is that it is an old city that has changed throughout the course of centuries, but still retains much of its history and culture. From the museums, to the palaces and the districts and neighborhoods, Byrne views Istanbul as a changing city that is currently on the divide of the western influences of pop music and capitalism and culture versus the more traditional and often pious eastern ends.