1.  My views on reading Rendall’s book “an Ocean of Air” is that it entails the complexity of individual and team efforts. I was surprised that there was such a complex system of teams where there is one individual that is, shall we say, “destined to win” and that they often had many lesser”servants” to bike through the air breaking its resistance and replenishing the person destined to win with water and nourishment throughout the race.
  2. When I think of a team I belonged to, I think of my high school percussion ensemble. The relationship of individual and group was, like cycling, very complex. I as an individual had the duty of playing my musical parts and performing, but as a group we needed to play together, in time, and with high performance quality. The only times I recall sacrificing my own benefit for the group was when we cut music parts and I lost perhaps sections and parts that I enjoyed or liked playing. But my percussion group helped me a lot when we rehearsed and played together. As a team, we ranked every year in our regional circuit and class.