Connecting Home and School


In the article “The Beginners’ Guide to Connecting Home and School” Tabithia Dell’Angelo provides a guide that explains how we can engage parents in their children’s education. Relationships between home and school is a big part of a students academic success. Teachers need to plan assignments, homework and projects in order to implement this connection ¬†between home and school. The best way to promote these relations is to make sure each assignment,homework and project benefits students, the parents and the teacher.


Dell’Angelo provides us with ways to encourage school-home connections. One way is that teachers need to provide students an opportunity to have in-depth conversations with adult caregivers. Teachers can do this by having students interview caregivers about their lives, things they love, memories, or anything in general. This will help students practice their social skills, taking notes and writing results. She also explains how homework can be more interactive between students and parents. Teachers can provide tips about how parents can help students during their homework time. One example of a more interactive homework assignment is to have them do a family outing and then have students bring in photos to the class and have them write about their experience.

Dell’Angelo also explains ¬†how teachers need to provide opportunities for parents to be involve in the classroom. You can have a parent day where students bring their parents to school and do activities together. Once a week, you can also invite a students parent to come in to the class to share a story about them or talk about their career. One last way teachers can link home to school is by connecting lessons to real life experiences. This will engage students and give them a reason to learn about the topic.



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