Learning a new language is hard for a teenager or adult, but for baby, They can easily grasp two different languages. My little brother of my uncle on my mother side is a good example, he born in Austria. My uncle taught him both English and Chinese when he starts speaking. Now he is 7 years old, he can use English like a foreigner, the mother language is English. Moreover, he often played with kids who spoke English in the community. I must say, My English skill is worse than him. English is real important now. Most Chinese parents found the English classes for their children. And now, English is generic Language in the whole world. If people want to travel around the world. English is important.

The US is a country made of different kind of people, they spoke the different language. Even some people all speak English, but they still can not understand each other’s idea. And now it is a big problem for America. More and more immigrants came to America, The kinds of language are more and more, Government needs to solve this problem, make all people speak the same language.



From reading Mother tongue, English is important for the people in America. learning English is  important


learning english from Children is better than in the childhood.


More and more immigrants came to US, Governments need to make same language.


different culture decides the way people thinking.