Identifying and understanding comments on Essay 1

  1. what seems to have worked well

On my essay 1, it seems I did well on the structure on my essay, and I have some good examples.

2. what needs to be improved and how

I have some examples, but it is not specific. I need more details about my examples to improve the supportability. I need think about more about details when I was writing.

composition is a terrible problem, some times I think a word, but I type another. I need to writer more.

3. What particular grammer aspect you need to improve in your writing later

My verb tense is a big problem. In my whole writing in University, I have some mistakes about it on my each paper. I need to be more patient when I was typing fast. Some times, I know I am writing the past tense, but I would forget in next several sentences. I will check my whole essay after I finish my paper in the future.