April-28th In-class writing

  1. What skills you may learn& develop when working on this assignment?

I will check the reliability of sources, and go beyond the surface, ask some good questions when I search the information. In the writing, I will use the contrast to highlight my main idea. Also, From the surface to find some deep meaning.

2.what challenge you may face when working on the assignment?

Searching the sources, when I search in the library, I need time to find out the correct information I need. And the topic is a sensitive topic, I must be careful about what I write. you plan to organize your essay?

I will use my old opinion to highlight my new idea, and I will show what women suffering in the past.




April-24th in-class writing

Today the woman I want to talk about is Angelabay, her chinese name is Yin Yang. 

The show she attends is Running Man, It is a Challenge difficult show in China, she is the only female resident guest in this show. So, she needs to fight with other 6 male members. she shows her strong and hard in this show. In the first season, she won the champion at the last.

April-19th In-class writing Verb-tense

For a long time, my stepson, Jonathan, was unhappy to have me as part of his family, for he resented that he didn’t have both biological parents at home. I tried to get to know him better, but he would complain that I invaded his privacy. As a newcomer, I understood that our relationship would require effort from both of us. It was not enough that I was friendly. Jonathan also had to want us to be friends, and I was not happy with the two of us being strangers, but I could wait for him to feel more comfortable around me.


Anne Marie collects antique bottles and loves to turn them into works of Art.  likes. picks spends appear does not


Smell a Rat:

that something is definitely wrong


Straight From the Horse’s Mouth:

from a very reliable source.


Cat got your tongue:

keeping quiet


Pay Through the Nose:

paying such a high price


Get off my back:

stop bothering you


April 17 In Class Writing


Page, G., & Flapan, J. (2015). Why computer science matters. Leadership, 45(1), 34-37. Retrieved from:

The use of this resource will be to support our point that computer science can practice human mind. And why people should choose computer science as their major.

The article discusses the computer science education in California, which provides an opportunity to focus on the deeper learning and problem-solving. According to a report from Playing Field Institute that reveal the unequal access to computer science education among students in public high school in California.


Scott A., B. (2012). Saving Computer Science: Why, Where, and How. Retrieved from:

Computer science programs in the United States will likely be under scrutiny for several years due to insufficient funding for higher education. This paper examines why computer science is a convenient target for budget cutting, which programs are most likely to be targeted, what the long term impact is likely to be, and how departments can be saved. Our own computer science program at Humboldt State University provides an example of a department saved through retooling of our academic business.

March-31 in class

  1. Big brother, master was removed by the goblin.
  2. Little brother, master was removed by the goblin.
  3. Big brother and little brother, master was removed by the goblin.

March-29 In-class writing

How are gender roles changing in your culture/society?

Xizhe Sun& Yifan Liang& Jiapeng Han

Women were gradually becoming more and more independent in recent years. In the past, women just took care of their children and focused on the housework. However, they no longer rely on men now, and they began to use their own hands and knowledge to make money. Women act the important role in the society. We can find a lot of women working in the government; in ancient China, a woman can not participate in politics, so men and women are becoming equal now. Not only government, women have achieved great success in different areas, like, business, doctor, policewomen. In the career, men’s opponents from men into men and women mixed. Women have won a respectable status by using their own hands now.





Thinking quietly

Li Po

Look at the moon before the bed,

suspected to be frost on the ground.

Looked up and looked at his hometown.

four sentence to three, lose of mountain and moon.


从前有座山,山上有座庙,庙里有个老和尚和一个小和尚,有一天,老和尚对小和尚说:从前有座山,山上有座庙,庙里有个老和尚和一个小和尚,有一天,老和尚对小和尚说:从前有座山,山上有座庙,庙里有个老和尚和一个小和尚,有一天,老和尚对小和尚说…….  repeat

There was a mountain in the mountains, there was a temple in the temple, and there was an old monk and a little monk in the temple. One day, the old monk said to the little monk that there was a mountain in the mountains and a temple in the mountains. Monk, one day, the old monk of the little monk said: There used to be a mountain, the mountain has a temple, the temple has a monk and a little monk, one day, the old monk to the little monk said …….

March-27 In-Class writing

After reading Kaiting’s response, I have the same idea with him that Chinese parents spend more time on working instead of spend time with their children.

March-24 In-class writing

Identifying and understanding comments on Essay 1

  1. what seems to have worked well

On my essay 1, it seems I did well on the structure on my essay, and I have some good examples.

2. what needs to be improved and how

I have some examples, but it is not specific. I need more details about my examples to improve the supportability. I need think about more about details when I was writing.

composition is a terrible problem, some times I think a word, but I type another. I need to writer more.

3. What particular grammer aspect you need to improve in your writing later

My verb tense is a big problem. In my whole writing in University, I have some mistakes about it on my each paper. I need to be more patient when I was typing fast. Some times, I know I am writing the past tense, but I would forget in next several sentences. I will check my whole essay after I finish my paper in the future.



In class-writing Mar-10


In 1865 January, the US civil war is about to end, the North victory soon. For Lincoln, he was unable to change the constitution of the United States in order to eliminate the slavery system on the battlefield without smoke, and only to promote the adoption of the 13th amendment. But Lincoln suffered a double pressure from outside the party, his opponent, the Democratic Party from the south, wanted to stick to slavery, and Lincoln’s Republican Party repeatedly asked Lincoln to postpone the vote. Everyone is reluctant to see the day on which the African race has equal rights, and everyone will be afraid of what he can not control. It is the hardest time for Abraham Lincoln.


Spielberg, A, S. (director). (2012). Abraham Lincoln [Movie]. San Francisco, CA: DreamWorks Pictures.

Mar-6 In-class writing


Tan A. (n.d.). Mother tongue. Class Canvas material.

Zack, N. (2015). More than skin deep. In R. Atwan (Ed.), America now: Short readings from recent periodicals (pp. 144-150). Boston, MA:

         Bedford/St. Martin’s.

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