February 21st, 2018

Week 5 –> Day 1: Seeing and Being Seen

  1. To the prompt, one of the main times that I stood out, I wouldn’t say I was tokenized but I stood out. For some background, I’m from Denver, CO. when I was born my parent’s bought a house close to downtown and close to the broncos stadium. I lived in that house and in that neighborhood for 15 years. In 2014, my dad had to sell the house because the amount of gentrification happening was making the cost of living too expensive; so he sold the house and we moved up to North Denver. However, a lot of the things that I was involved in where still in West Denver and so I’d go pretty often. When I decided to go to USF I wanted to apply for a program called MSP (Muscat Scholars Program). Part of the application was to film a quick video telling them about me and who I was. To me, the best representations about me come from the neighborhood where I come from so I decided to go to my old neighborhood and film me talking to a camera and just talking about my life there. Here’s the thing: my house was bulldozed because the person we sold our house to also bought the whole block. He tore down all the houses and all that was left in my once beautiful block was dirt. I wanted to talk about how I felt about my childhood home being torn down in the video because it was a significant part of my life for me. When I went to the lot where my house was, I stood on the sidewalk and grabbed my camera I talked for about a minute and I looked over at one of the new people living in the new condos that were built and he was on the phone watching me intently. He was calling the cops. I had my friend on the phone and I walked away from the neighborhood that I had grown up in while crying and feeling like I could never go back to my old home. As I walked away a cop car pulled into the street and I kept walking. I was furious and sad and I haven’t been back to my old neighborhood since.
  2. As to the assumptions that people make of me, there are always a handful of people that think I’m Middle Eastern and they are completely shocked when they hear Spanish come out of my mouth. Ever since I remember I can recall being asked if I was Middle Eastern. Deeper into how people perceive me, there have definitely been times when I’ve gone to the store, usually fancier stores, where I’ll walk in and immediately be watched. In high school, I would often go downtown after school and since I took the bus I always carried my backpack with me. When I walked into stores with my backpack I got some stares. I was having a conversation with my sister about how I felt going in to places or when I was around people of authority I would try my best to look “innocent.” What does that mean? I have no idea. I just know that I never wanted people to think that I was doing anything wrong so I would keep my hands in a visible spot and if I ever opened my backpack I would purposefully stand next to a worker so they’d see that I was just grabbing my wallet.
  3. I can say that I was mainly lucky, I don’t have many conclusions drawn about me as other minorities I know do. While sometimes I have had experiences where people thought the worst of me, or made assumptions about me because I’m Mexican.

February 16th, 2018

Day 3: In-text citation and APA

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2) But not needed in references –>  (H. Mar, telephone communication, june 30, 2011).

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February 12th, 2018

Audio Essay Pitch 

My story is about growing up and the music that my family would listen to and how that has passed down from my grandparents, to my parents, to me. The story is really about the tight bond that specific and more traditional music has between generations of my family.

The way that I will develop my ideas is going to be by going back to my childhood and discussing the music that I would listen to because my parents would play it. Then I’ll go into how it became music that I listened to because of the memories that I had made with my parents and how much I cherish those memories. I will also briefly touch on how those same songs are related to my grandparents and how when I was little my grandpa would sing certain songs. Eventually I will discuss how this is something that I hope to follow with doing because it allows generations of families feel closer.
My story mainly indicates growth, growth as an individual, as a family and as a child. My story goes through how the songs that my family listened to, stay with me and make a big part of who I am.
My story offers a cultural understanding aspect that hopes to show the audience how in my culture family is really important and that one of the many ways that we stay close is through music.

February 9th, 2018

Essay #1 Free Writing 

Based off of the examples of Audio Literacy that I listened to online I know that I want to do something more based on the music of my culture and more specifically the music that connects me, and my siblings to past generations. I want to look into the music that unites my graandparents, my parents and me to each other. Music is something that is always changing but to me it’s always been interesting the specific artists or music genres that continue to be enjoyed by different generations. For my essay I know that I want to steer away from having loud music and sound clips because in some of the examples the music was really loud. Also the sound effects, in one that I heard there was a baby crying as a sound effect to represent youth and childhood, but because the audio was so loud it I couldn’t actually hear what the narrator was saying. That being said I think that I really want to incorporate both sound effects and music clips into it because that way the audio essay will be more impactful, I don’t know, I don’t really know where to start and I’m very nervous for this assignment because I’ve never done something like this but I’m excited to get to display a different use of communication.

outline for my audio essay

Culture, generations, music

A)Growing up with it

a. Sunday mornings

b. Liking other music too

B) embracing it

a. Part of our family’s history

C) Listening to it

a. I really enjoyed

b. Memories

c. When it ends

D) Repeat

a. Passing down the music

b. Exposure to it

February 5th, 2018

While looking over Tori’s reading response I realize that her response starts off with noting who and what she is responding to. She also intertwines a summary into her connections with today’s America. For example, while she discusses the treatment of the author she talks about what he’s changed in his appearance to make him seem as non threatening as possible. She then also talks about how many Black men have conversations with their parents in which they are told how to behave around cops. She notes the things that these men have to remember in order to not make hasty decisions. After this she adds her closing remarks, her response and what she got from the written piece. The process is similar with the second reading.

January 26th, 2018

Meaning of Name assignment


The meaning of my name, Yesenia is to resemble a flower. It was popularized by a Mexican telenovela starring Adela Noriega, a famous Mexican actress, as a gypsy. My last names Bonilla Cardenas both have a Spanish origin. I don’t know the specifics of why I was given the name but because growing up I really enjoyed watching telenovelas with my family, we always joked that I was given the name because my dad really liked Yesenia the telenovela. I have always liked my name and don’t remember having a moment in my life where I didn’t feel proud of the name that I was given. However, I do remember that when I was younger teachers and other students would struggle with saying my name. In moments like that, I used to just nod and go with any pronunciation that sounded similar to my name. Presently, I tend to correct people more because I think that if I am going to be interacting with someone for a prolonged period I should be called by my correct name.

While I have never changed my name I do have a lot of nicknames given to me over the years by my friends and family. Since I am the youngest of five children, each one of my siblings gave me a nickname growing up: my oldest brothers would call me Monkey and Yesi, my oldest sisters, Hippo and Kid. Basically, I respond to a lot of names because the way that I communicate with my family and friends and each nickname is very special because it represents the relationship I have with that person.

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