Mar 10 In-class writing

Yifan and Jiapeng

The movie Django Unchained is talking about Django is an Aferican American he make a friend is a doctor from Germany. This doctor help him get out of the slavery and he also saved his wife. The doctor died by helping them. Django killed everyone of his lanlord family. At last he and his wife get the freedom. It is irony that the lanlord favorite book is Alexandre Dumas’s book, but he don’t know that Alexandre Duman is a black man in France.


I am really interested in the essay The Proper Sieve for Immigrants. After reading that essay, I did some research about the immigrantion of the United States. Since the continent be found. This place attract many people of the word. But nowadays the child of immigrant of that time. The believe they are amercans and they think the innigrants of today is not americans. Now we can say that without immigrants, there are no today’s America. Today because of the economy and power. This place still attract many people from all over the world and immigrant here.

The outline of essay two:

I am going to talking about two essays of the book. summary it and response it. The topic of immigrants I feel very interesting and I am going to talking about the immigrant. The other’s essay I really interested in is the essay “True Colors.” I compare these two essay and analyse it. These two essay have similar place. It is both of the essay is talking about the innigrantion. My essay two is going to talking about thses two essays and use some example of my life and my friend. Also I can mention the 2016 present election, because it is the hot topic to election debate.

March 1 In-class Writing

Summary to Jiangpeng’s Response

Jiapeng’s response is talking about that hes own idea of these two essay. China in western country’s impression is bad. They thought China is dangerous. Jiapeng want every do not focus on the impression. Second essay talks everyone has own unique secenery and culture.


Xizhe Sun& Jiapeng Han& Yifan Liang

Siberia and Alaska are similar place. The weather of these two place is same. The mountain is covered by withe snow long time every year. Amimal species lived there are similar for example crabs. One is King crabs the other is Snow crabs. (snow crab)

(king crab)

Siberan fishing by breaking ice, but Alaska fishing in the sea.

Language of Seberan is Russian, Chinese and Mongolian and Alaska speak Russian and English.

Poeple in Alaska is Eskimos and Americans; in Seberan is Russian, Chinese and Mongolian.