January 26th 2018

Meaning of Name assignment

I am from China, and my name is Yiang Leng, however, in Chinese, people put their family name first and then given name, so in China, my name is Leng Yiang. About my last name, Leng, it means “cold” in Chinese, and this is a special last name, in my memory I never meet someone has the same last name as mine. Leng is an old last name in China, and hundreds year ago Leng was not Leng, it was Lin, as the time goes by, it turned to Leng.

For my first name, Yiang, actually it is two words, Yi Ang, in Chinese, it means tough and never give up.

When I was young, my friends always make fun of my last name, they say: “Why your last name is cold not hot.” I just don’t know how to answer that question.

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