February 12th 2018

Audio essay pitch

The story that I choose for my audio essay will be about my experience in the summer of 2106, the song that I choose is “Unstoppable,” the singer of this song is Sia. The reason why I choose this song is in the summer of 2016, my favorite basketball team Golden States Warriors was in the NBA final games and at that time period, “Unstoppable” was one of the most popular song on the TV, so this song will be playing when the game was in time out. Warriors was so good and unstoppable at that time, and I believe that they can win the championship, however, they blow up a 3-1 lead and lost the finals. I was so frustrated and sad. After the last game, Warriors players said they won’t give up even they lost such a important game, and this inspired me, makes me believe that even I fail to do something if I keep working, I will success some day. The truth is Warriors won the championship of 2017.

For now I still love this song, and every time when I listen to this song I can still feel how sad I was when Warriors lost the championship, and besides this, I feel this song encouraged me to work harder, to be tough to face failure.

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