March 9th 2018

In class writing

The topic that I choose is about gun control, and when I was using Wikipedia to do research I feel like there are lots of different sources. Compare to the traditional research source, I can see that those sources from Wikipedia can help you know more about the thing you are looking for, however, the credibility is not good for being as a source in an essay, because those sources are from anonymous persons, and those might not be true. If we look at the traditional research, we can find that it is closer to the fact, and these sources should be put in formal essays.

March. 5th

After doing the research about college rankings, and I have learned that the relationship between university ranking and quality education is actually not very accurate. For each of college, it has its own strength and weakness, and the quality of a college should not just be represented by a ranking stuff, for example if a college is good at History and bad at Chemistry, another college is good at Chemistry but bad at History, how will the ranking goes. There are many differences between different colleges, and for each high school student, the college rankings will be different, because they might good at History or Chemistry.  You can’t just say witch one college is the best college in the US, you should say witch college fit you better.