In class writing

The article that I found is “Doubled-Up Homeless: Comparing Educational Outcomes With Low- Income Students,”  This article discusses whether HHM students’ educational outcomes differ from their low-income peers. In the article, they are saying the  living in doubled-up residences has negative impacts above and beyond living in low-income residences. And they found different data to determine how homelessness predicts various academic and behavioral outcomes. “Yet, the toll that homelessness takes on students goes above and beyond GPAs and truancy and likely affects all areas of the students’ lives.” As the result of their studies, the study outcomes relate to the life qualities of students, which means people’s class relate to the education level at some points.


Low, J. A., Hallett, R. E., & Mo, E. (2017). Doubled-Up Homeless: Comparing Educational Outcomes With Low-Income Students. Education & Urban Society49(9), 795-813. doi:10.1177/0013124516659525


Free Writing

For this assignment, I think I will write about some examples of some workers in my father’s factory, and compare them to one of my friend who works on a factory as well, and based on the result, I will analyze the relationship between education level and working class people. As my own opinion, people shouldn’t keep bias opinion to those working class people, a job doesn’t relate to intelligence that much doesn’t mean the worker himself lack of intelligence. In the essay, I will analyze  working class people’s work and life situation. Also I will write about white-collar


For my own experience, my family is in middle class I believe, so I don’t really know too much about how working class people’s like are, but I have a friend who work on a factory which is similar to the Foxconn. The factory force the workers to do work more than 10 hours a day, the food from the factory can’t provide enough energy for a adult, workers in the factory can’t complain anything or make any mistake, because if someone do so, he will be fire immediately, the employers never need to worry about the number of workers, because they can always find a person who want this job. In fact, working class people are not necessary to be low intelligence people, because as the example of my friend, he was graduated from a college and he can’t find other jobs fit him.

April 18 2018

After I doing some research about homeless people in my hometown, I first realized that there are many people in my hometown are homeless, and the data that I found is: In 2011, there were approximately 2.41 million homeless adults and 179,000 homeless children living in the country. However, one publication estimated that there were one million homeless children in China in 2012.

According to Matthew Desmond’s “Home and Hope,” he said: “The home is the center of life.” Those homeless people didn’t have their own home, and that means they are missing their center of life. Without a home, stable and safe family is very far away to reach for those homeless people. One of the reason is that because the population is too large, and is it hard for the government to provide enough jobs, therefore a large number of homeless people appearance. But after all, it is the government’s responsibility to give those people a place to live.

March 26th 2018

For my own experience, the class does affect me that much, but culture and race affected my individual learning more. Because I am not an American, and English is my second language, I struggle from the language. Also, it is hard for me to make friends from different countries, this makes my individual learning more difficult because I can’t find a person to discuss or help my class work. The culture affects me too, not only the culture from my country, but also the culture from my family, I am the first person get into a college from my family, and none of them can give me advise, I have to figure things out and overcome challenges by myself, that makes my learning experiences harder, and makes me become tougher.

March 9th 2018

In class writing

The topic that I choose is about gun control, and when I was using Wikipedia to do research I feel like there are lots of different sources. Compare to the traditional research source, I can see that those sources from Wikipedia can help you know more about the thing you are looking for, however, the credibility is not good for being as a source in an essay, because those sources are from anonymous persons, and those might not be true. If we look at the traditional research, we can find that it is closer to the fact, and these sources should be put in formal essays.

March. 5th

After doing the research about college rankings, and I have learned that the relationship between university ranking and quality education is actually not very accurate. For each of college, it has its own strength and weakness, and the quality of a college should not just be represented by a ranking stuff, for example if a college is good at History and bad at Chemistry, another college is good at Chemistry but bad at History, how will the ranking goes. There are many differences between different colleges, and for each high school student, the college rankings will be different, because they might good at History or Chemistry.  You can’t just say witch one college is the best college in the US, you should say witch college fit you better.



Feb 26 2018

Rice is one of the most common food in my family. Rice is the traditional food for southern China. Most of the southern China families eat rice for their major food, because of the weather and the land in southern China are good for rice to grow. For the northern China, people tend to have noodles or bread as their major food. So it will be obvious to say someone is from the south or the north of China.  based on what they like to eat.

Response of the event

I attended the event that held by Tika in Feb. 22. It was like an interview, three international students sitting there and talking about their experiences in the US and giving suggestion to new international students like us. I was impressed when they are talking. They are so confident to express themselves, and their answers to those questions were very helpful to me. All of them talked about how they feel struggling when they first came to the US, and I think I have the same feeling. Also, they said there are a lot of differences between their own countries and the US.

After all, I believed that I have learned a lot from this event. After this event, now I know how to face some of the challenges that I will meet in the future, and I have the confidence to beat those challenges.

Feb. 22. 2018

Feb 21 2018

In -Class Writing

I had felt “tokenized” of my physical appearance, when I was young I was short, and could be the shortest of people in the same age,  so every time someone meets me they will think this guy is short. And I love to play basketball, so when I tell people I like playing basketball, they will give a face, that face means that “you are so short, how are you going to play basketball?” I know that but I just can’t do anything because I was short. I hate that when I tell people I love basketball and they seems very surprised, when the first time they see me they believe I won’t be a person who can play basketball, this kind of conclusion is just not fair to me. As I grow up and I am not that short anymore I still feel those people’s attitudes were not fair to a person who likes basketball.