March 1st: discussion

Yarly to Irving’s response.

After I reading Irving’s respond for discussion today, I found that he used some of my jokes as example. It does exists in our daily life, people from other provinces may say:” people from Yunnan are so barbarous and they all trade drugs with Myanmar.” Thus, we would always use these folks as jokes. But after I reading his article, I found that he is complaining and not thinking it’s funny, so I would not joke that way anymore and I don’t want him to joke that way either.Moreover, I have never been to Xi’an and I have also heard about the fake scenery-spot news. I hope that Irving didn’t go to fake ones. In addition, I am wondering how food there is?

3 thoughts on “March 1st: discussion

  1. Chengdu is smaller than Kunming!!!
    Kunming is more prosperous than Sichuan!!!
    We have a lot of delicious food in Yunnan too!!!

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