Mar 3rd: In-class activities

By Yarly

1️⃣.Free writing for second essay

I would love to choose the essay that we read on Feb 1st and Feb 3rd, which are:

(1.)Yzzy Gonzalez’s essay “Technology Taking Over?” (pp. 50-52)

       (2.)Clive Thompson’s essay “The Parent Trap: How Teens Lost the Ability to Socialize” (pp.55-56)

During my essay, I would love to introduce both essays’  content at first:

The first essay is talking about how technology changes teenagers life now. As the author said, technology around us and change our life in every part. Our sleep can be estimated by the smart alarm, we can cook food easily, we can use Ebook, we can use phone to choose food delivery, we can do almost everything by technology.

Also, the second essay pointed out another side about technology that parents may think that technology limits teenagers face-to-face ability. But actually, the truth is not like this. The reason why parent think that children’s social abilities have been limited is that they don’t chase after technology as their kids and they are the real reason why children don’t have enough time to have social abilities.

After I talk all of these content and ideas, I’d love to point out my own view that technology can really help our life, and it’s becoming a new culture in different country. To use it to benefit daily life is such a great thing for human: we can save a plenty of time with using technology positively. Also, to use different APPs in different country can get different effect. In conclusion, I would love to talk 3 angles about: benefits of technology; management of technology; process with using technology.

2️⃣.General ideas and outline

Topic: technology is around human’s life and it changes human’s work, but we also need to learn to manage it and solve some problems with it.


1. technology changes human’s life a lot, no matter from the way to work or keep daily life or socialize with others (support: use the first essay as evidence and talk about daily life in China) some argument about using technology: some people may be tech-addicted and people should learn to control it(support : some report about tech-addicted)

3.people who are not as latest as the technology would not agree with new lifestyle, but I claim that they should try to chase the development of human and then they can learn more and more (support:use the second essay as evidence to talk that parents haven’t correctly recognize the benefits of technology and they cannot figure out what’s their educational problem due to this )


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