March 06 In-class writing:references

Citing different types of sources in APA style


Technology will always change, try to make life easier, o er cool new 7 advances, and be important to a growing society, but it’s just as important not to become dependent on it and rely on it to do things we’ve known how to do for years.

Izzy G.(2015). Technology Taking Over. In R. Atwan (Ed.), American Now:Short readings from recent periodicals(pp.50-52)Boston:Bedford/ St Martin’s.


“Teens aren’t addicted to social media. ey’re addicted to each other,” Boyd says. “ ey’re not allowed to hang out the way you and I did, so they’ve moved it online.”

Clive T.(2015). The Parent Trap: How Teens Lost the Ability to Socialize. Chapter:Social Media: What Do We Gain? What Do We Lose? In R. Atwan(Ed.), American Now: Short readings from recent periodicals(pp.55-56)Boston:Bedford/ St Martin’s.

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