In South of China: Chengdu

The dish’s name in direct translation is Sliced Lungs of Couple, but it does means to eat couple’s lungs. So, for better understanding what it is , people also translate the name into Sliced Beef and Ox Offal in Chili Sauce:

Background story: It is a famous dish in Sichuan Province. In the 1960s, a couple 郭朝华【Guo Zhaohua】 and 张佃敏【Zhang Dianmin】 who opened a stand at 长顺街【Changshun Street】 in Chengdu became famous for making tossed sliced beef and ox offal in sauce. Their beef slices looked bright in color and had a distinct taste from those of other vendors. Because of their delicious dish, prospering business, and harmonious husband and wife relationship, their slices were called Fuqi Feipian.


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