Since I am from China, I would love to introduce some films which can depict wide Chinese social phenomenons with characters.  And this idea lead me to choose Finding Mr. Right / Anchoring in Seattle. In this movie, the main actress is a mistress of a wealthy corrupt officials.

It is a complicated actress, on the grounds that she resigned from magazine editor for her truelove in heart, but her position for the society is unacceptable.  In China, giving birth to a baby is also complicated, and the pregnant woman needs marriage certificate as necessary step, or her child can never live as a citizenship. So she fled to the US when she had six months of pregnancy with tourist VISA.When the movie is played here, the female starring has always shown a slut gesture – do not respect people and can do anything for money.

But when the film she came to a foreign country experienced a lot of hardships, her boyfriend (married corrupt officials) is not sincere to her. Because in addition to her spent too much money or with other men together, her boyfriend would never contact with her. And this time, she talked to her driver. She said: “She knows she looks very shameless, but she never wants herself to be this way for the jerk she loves, and all the reason why she acts so bitchy is that she wants to give her child a better environment, or she will not come to the United States; Will quit high – paying jobs.When the movie played here, I as the audience, the hearts of different flavors. In the subsequent film plot, she showed her the other aspects of the audience. People love and hate for her with her countless choices .

The background of the film is under the tragedy of an unethical female and legal loophole, but the film is presented in a happy tone. The role of the heroine is difficult to evaluate: she is a third party in the feelings; she is a good mother; she helped her hate people; she can always admit mistakes …

Thousands of readers a thousand Hamlet. So I recommend this film with this controversial female role for everyone.

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