Oct 11

There are some arguments the Dream Act, which protect undocumented children’s education and right.

The author quoted the word from Duhita Mahatmya of George Mason University “the Act promotes the rights of children over their parents, discourages family stability and unity, and impacts family interdependence negatively.”

She argues that although the Dream Act will be benefit to those children,  it will also cause some problem in undocumented families which will be harmful to the children in reverse. Its not a thorough act to protect the undocumented students. I think it makes sense because only children can get benefit from it.


Amber Floyd (2015 )A “Dream” Deferred:An Exploration of the Scarlet Title “Undocumented” . In D. Holler(Ed.) Writing for a Real World (pp. 181-191). San Francisco, CA: University of San Francisco.




Oct 9

1.Solange posed for the picture; the feather on her antique hat framed her face. She found the waist and collar of the dress a little confining.

2.Before Benjamin applied for a job at datacorp, he research the company at the library. He wanted to be well prepared for the interview.

3.The family was waiting for the bus and they shivered on the windy corner. They had expect warmer weather on their summer vacation.

4.Leland’s motorcycle is his prized possession. He had to sell it to pay his college tuition.

5. Olivia took lessons , Because she had never been surfing. She felt ready to tackle the waves.

6.Paolo has thinning hair, glasses, and stooped shoulders. Everyone thinks he is a librarian, but he is a meteorologist at an Antarctic research station.

7.Toni gives her son a generous allowance and does not expect any help around the house from him. Toni’s brother expects his children to do chores if they want spending money.

8.Dark clouds gather overhead, While trees toss in the wind. Rain does not fall.

9.Tai wanted to prove her trustworthiness to her parents, So she made it her own responsibility to take her younger brother and sister to school.

10.Using a sharp jerk of his wrist, Simon flipped the pancake in the skillet. His uncle taught him this trick when Simon was a child.


Sep 22 ishaan verma chery Liu Zeyi

In the Image above we can see protest happening against the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un. He has been using his dictator rule to overflow the country of taxes and resources for his own personal benefits. The human rights are legal registered in the their constitution but are not at practiced. The government keeps close view on all the resident’s activities. No one is allowed to exit the country has they will speak against him. The human rights are so much dead in north Korea that they have officially set 30 haircuts and no one can get a haircut different from those 30. The voice of north Korean’s is unheard since ages. any foreign tourist coming from outside is strictly monitored and is not allowed to roam freely and interact with the residents. there are no human rights practiced in north korea.



Sep 18

My full name is 刘泽一”Liu zeyi”. Liu is my family name and 泽一(zeyi) means  “moisten everything “. It was named by my grandma. She wished me can be a good person in future who can make everything better surrounding him. In fact, this is my second name. My first name of my life is 刘可让“liukerang” means humility and polite. It was given by my mother who want me be a generous and gentlemanlike person. But they think the name given by my grandma was better sop they changed it only after a few months. I never embarrassed by my name until I came to study abroad in USF. It sound a little strange when teachers calling the roll.


Sep 8

In Chinese, “red person” means who is popular;” thick person ” means who has no education and rude; “finished person ” means perfect person who do not exist; “dirt person” means vulgar person; ” theif person” means who is smart and foxy.
free writing
I found hard to write article since primary school. I got good grade in every courses contains Chinese, but I always got the lowest grade in writing in the class. and It become even harder when writing in English. I’m not good at expressing and not have many opinions on topic which questions ask. I feel terrible to write an 1000 word essay in this weekend. I have not understand clearly what ” literacy and identify” exactly are yet.




Saima Celeste  Liu zeyi


In both readings, two different ideas of language were brought across. My group and I agreed and could relate those ideas in some basic ways that we go through our daily lives: making decisions or like talking to our peers. Our life is build on language.



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