4/27 free writing

I think for the most part, the gender inequality do exist in our life. People are holding different opinions for different people. Even women are vicious to women. Some women are jealous of others, they try their best to bring other women down.  I think some women are misunderstanding what feminism is. Feminism means that men and women are equali. The purpose of this movement is to achieve the equality. Feminism doesn’t mean that women are better than men, this is not it should be. I think gender equality still have a long way to go. Men can have many ex girlfriends and people won’t judge them. Women who have ex boyfriends are called no self-respect. People are still having the stereotype that women can’t do good at science, or something like that. I think this kind of thoughts are ridiculous, there are many successful female scientist all around the world.


Women need to change their thoughts first.

Some women even treat other women viciously.

People have double under standard towards men and women.


I used to take standardized test when I was in my middle school. It was really stressful and really hard. All people would study for the test hard. There will be rank for the test =, and you will know what your ranking of the whole school. I normally don’t like that. I wouldn’t consider myself as a good standardized test taker, because I don’t like taking test. I think the time pressure is the most stressful thing in a test. If I don’t want the test I would like to leave early: I don’t want to sit for full hours. I think confidence and the knowledge are the most important things for a test. I used to have serval coaching for my test to improve my grade when I was in China. My parents weren’t satirized with my grade at that time, so they made me go to the private coach to study outside my school.


in my culture, each family will have one child. Children live with their father and mother. Families now are allowed to have 2 kids since last year. Usually, both parents need to work to afford their children to go to school. In most families mother will do the housework and other stuff. I don’t have family culture in my home,

2/21 American Idioms

Out of the woods: I really like this one because Taylor Swift also had a song called out of the woods, I think it sounds really romantic.

Eat someone:I think it’s really funny from the words because we can not really eat people.

Turn someone off: I really like this one because sometimes I will use this one as well,

All thumbs: This one is different than what I thought.

Horse around: I can imagine what it looks like when I see the words.

2/12 Audio Essay Pitch

It was a story happened in last November, I was checking my instagram account, I saw a picture posted by a famous cosmetics brand. The picture was a meme that include words, when I saw this picture I was completed shocked and very angry about that, I don’t think that is acceptable to post a picture that include insulting words towards certain race. I was heartbreaking, this brand use to be one of the brand that I really like, and I use to think that a brand like this wouldn’t do something that is considered racism.  I was too shock to comment anything on their Instagram at that time, so I took some time to calm down. Then the instagram account delete that picture and post a cat picture with apology, people were commenting that it’s not a big deal, they will forgive this brand, ironically all the people that were commenting were white, none of them was Asian, and people saying that Asians are too dramatic, I was completely wordless.


From this story I understand that it’s hard for other people to understand what’s your feeling inside, it’s ridiculous how many comments are saying how dramatic we are. I had no words to say at that point, I turn off my phone and thinking why people that are not our race even speak for ourselves, if they are not the same race, hoe can they possible understand what certain words or actions means to us.


Outline for Audio Essay

Intro: As  international students in US, we all might experience some situation when we are not qualified or being offended.

Body:My experience when I am in US, what situation I have experienced as an international student or as a Asian.

There are people who put your success into what race you are instead of seeing the hardworking.

Examples of Gigi Hadid


Believe in yourself no matter what people say, success is not because of race or anything.

2/7 Comments on essay 1

Record an short tape where you talk about issues when you define your culture or race stereotype. The audio have to combined music or environmental sound but without distracting sound such as wind sound. The main goals is to let others know your background/history better. Make sure you use your voice to emphasize the story. Make sure to mention the source of the music if you are using any. You need to practice and write a drift then record it. Bring it to the class and do the peer review, 2 classmates will give you suggestion and you will grade how helpful they are.