September 9 In-Class Writing

Emily, Ailin, Aaliyah

The speech we chose was a Ted Talk called the “The Danger of Silence”. This speech was about how silence affects us all. We caught many instances where pathos, logos and ethos were used. The presenter starts by establishing ethos by mentioning that he was a teacher and how silence affected his students. For logos, he used the example of a  Martin Luther King speech which was important because it gave reason to why having a voice is so important. We spend so much time listening to the things people are saying that we rarely pay attention to the things they don’t Dr. Martin Luther King JR. in a 1968 speech where he reflects upon the Civil Rights movement, it states that ” In the end we will remember not the words for our enemies but the silence of our friends.” The use of pathos is used all throughout the speech. He mentions examples of times where silence created a feeling of sadness because he was not able to speak up.


September 2 : In-class writing

When reading my peers responses to the reading, the similarities and differences included:

  • we all find ethos important to establish character
  • we are all students so we understand why it is especially important for us to establish credibility
  • we all pointed out the many ways to be able to include ethos in our arguments
  • We all used different examples from the text, providing different ways to establish trustworthiness
  • Provided different reasons for ethos, such as reputation and connecting to readers.

I thought everyone’s responses were interesting as they had different takes from the text.


August 31st Freewriting

Ideas for audio essay:

Living in the Congo, especially being born and partially raised in the states was kinda tough. It really challenged my identity because I am of Congolese origin but I did not speak the language nor knew much about the culture. You could have said I was mwana (forgot the rest of the phrase), which means that i am of this country but coming from somewhere else. Living the Congo, Kinshasa in particular, really opened my eyes to many things such as other cultures, different people with different perspectives of life, corruption and countless of other things. I lived in Kinshasa for a while and I started picking up things that is a part of the culture in Kinshasa. I started appreciating my own culture. Once i started doing these things, I loved living in Kinshasa. It was the best. The people there are people you would know for lifetimes. The culture is so rich and made me super proud (and made me understand why other congolese are proud) of being Congolese. I moved back an forth a lot.

Coming from this experience, I understood why it is so important to explore the world. Traveling leaves you very open-minded and I find this very true whenever I compare people who never left their hometown and those who have. I understand not wveryone has the privilege to do so but I feel like it is super important when developing into an adult from adolescence, helps one to become a better citizen of the world. I am very thankful to be able to have this experience and perhaps many more experiences like this one.



Living in the DRC

  • Challenges with moving back and forth and how it challenged my identity.
  • Learning Languages
  • Living Kinshasa opened my eyes to many things
  • What I appreciated in the culture
  • What I took from this experience
  • Why I think it’s important to travel.



Meaning of Name

My name is Lillah-Aaliyah Unkamvula Mbu. People usually call me by Lillah or Aaliyah or even both. The first thing you may notice when it comes to my name is that I have a really long first name. In my family, it’s more of a tradition to have two names as the first name. I like mine especially because it rhymes. Something else that might catch your eye in regards to my name is my middle name. My middle name is a royal title in my paternal grandparents’ village in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

I have not always loved my name. Growing up in the States, I thought my name was weird and often times people would always say my name wrong. (I get excited when people say it right on their first try.) As I grew up, I learned to love my name as it is as it is a huge part of my identity. I take great pride in my last name especially because I believe traditional/cultural names carry power/energy that could affect one’s life.




My name is Lillah-Aaliyah Mbu. I can go by Lillah or Aaliyah or both. My pronouns are she/her/hers. I am currently in Canada visiting my parents but I reside in Houston,TX. I would say Canada is a good mix of the the States and western Europe. I am of Congolese descent and have lived in Kinshasa, DRC for an accumulative of eight years going back and forth living there and the States. With that being said it is often difficult for me to answer the question where I am from.

I am currently in my first year at USF being an Entrepreneurship and Innovation major. I am interested in many things such as music, dance, fashion and etc. I also enjoy talking to people and hearing their perspectives on different topics or just life in general. In addition to this, I am trying to get involved in new hobbies, now that I have more time to myself.


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