November 25: Speech Analysis

Mary Fisher’s speech ” A Whisper of  Aids” was listed number fifty on the list of top influential speeches by rank. In the speech that was given at the 1992 Republican National Convention Address, her opening was more on the spectrum of mellow than the other speeches I’ve heard and analyzed. She opened with a brief sentence about the call to action she suggested to the Republican party just months prior. She wants the republican party to acknowledge their wrongdoing and give a voice to the voiceless. She is very commanding of the audience saying that she does not want their applause but rather for them to listen. Fisher is urging the Republican party to acknowledge that AIDS is a virus, not a “political creature”. The first point she brings up is that AIDS does not discriminate and has many identities, anyone can contract AIDS regardless of age, gender, and sexuality. She then transitions from all the identities that have been affected by aid to talk about the current state of AIDS. She proclaims that AIDs is a thing of the present and people are contracting it at alarming rates. She uses statistics to reinforce her point, it’s the “third leading killer of young Americans today”.  One of the last points she brings up is that people should be very cautious saying that if you think you are safe you are not.  She evokes the use of all three persuasive techniques by talking about the many identities AIDS has (pathos), warning her audience to be cautious (logos), and the statistics of how many people are dying because of this virus (ethos). Her call to action is for her party (the Republican party) to take a public stand in solidarity with those who have been affected or will contract it.

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