September 2: In-class Writing

In Sabrina’s reading response, I find that we both have the similar ideas of trust in writing ethical argumentative writing. I also found that both of us uses personal experience to support the claim. She has a unique perspective in to response on the issue of ethos argument is to have claims that will make the audience have trust in her claim. And there must have some back up knowledge in the claim.


August 31: Freewriting


Some ideas that I can think of for this audio essay would be the time I went to China for two years in elementary knowing nothing in Chinese and learning about the culture, how the students are at my age, how things are different from Guam… how competitive the students are, how pressured they are, on the weekends they also have classes, no breaks, time schedule, independent, dependent, How  I needed to adapt all of the new things under certain amount of time and being able to catch up with them. being bullied. sad. friends. culture difference, food, teacher, classroom,


When I was in elementary I was going to school here on Guam, but for some family issue, I had to go to China for school for two years and my mom called this ” to experience what  life is “.  I knew how to speak in Chinese but I was poor in reading and writing because I would only learn Chinese in the summer of each grade level when I go back to China. When I got to China I didn’t really had trouble making friends because I knew how to speak mandarin and most of them were really friendly but for academic wise, I had a lot of trouble understanding because all of the text are in Chinese. When I had a Math class I thought it was going to be easy but the Math were all in Chinese as well, and a lot of terms were for math are translated into Chinese which also made it harder to understand. A daily life as a student there would be waking early in the morning, go to school, do some early morning exercise with the entire school in the field, then start classes, end classes at like 5pm and then go to another tutor class straight after and go home at 10pm. I felt really pressured in the beginning stage when I started school there, then I slowly adapted it and I saw my progress. …


August 26, In-Class Writing

Amani, Ailin, Kate

Title: China is Harvesting the DNA of Its People. Is the future of Policing?

It is a Forensic Argument that the Americans are arguing for the purpose of trying to bring awareness of  the different system in China , which the people in China are collecting the DNA from the crime people and there would be consequences that could happen in role community that the article states “proud to be a part of the many positive ways in which DNA identification has been applied, from tracking down criminals to stopping human trafficking and freeing the unjustly accused.”. In the article New York Times it also states “The battle over biometric privacy will be one of the defining civil liberty issues of the 21st century. And grimly, on this front, too, China seems to be leading the way.” and a lot of country have different standing and opinion in this issue, which the purpose of the argument has not been achieved because the evidence are unethical.

Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/24/opinion/china-dna-police.html


 Meaning of Name

My name is Ailin Wu and I am Chinese. The way how Chinese people pronounce your name is by saying your last name first then your first name, so for me it’ll be Wu Ailin. The meaning of my name is a little funny because my father’s last name is Wu, my mother’s last name is Lin, and the word love pronounced in Chinese is “Ai”. So, my name is basically saying that my father loves my mother. I don’t really know why it was given to me and there are no cultural or religious meaning to my name. I was actually embarrassed by my name once because of the meaning of my name and I just told other people to call me Lin instead.




My name is Ailin ( Aileen)  Wu and you guys can also call me Lin. I am Chinese. I am located in Guam, which is pretty far from all of you guys and I start class at like 3AM 🙂 I don’t really have any hobbies because I either have work or school, so I guess sleeping is? Also I am not really good at English, but I hope you guys can help me along the way through the semester. I would also like to be friends with all of you!!!! Thank you!!


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