February 11th, In Class Writing

Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to be a business owner? Owning a small business is profitable if you fit your niche, yes but have you ever wondered how much work it takes to maintain said business.

My mother owns a small store in Hawaii selling snacks ranging from your casual candy to the more robust Acai bowl to the sweeter shaved ice cups. She spends most of her week there working with her employees, doing what they do and the constant work leads to terrible arthritis but she still works like everyone else. She still cleans and cooks at home even after a long day at work and the food she makes is amazing. Owning a business is taxing, both on your body and on your mind. She comes home to make food and she goes into her room to relax or pass out. Somedays she’s too tired to even cook us some food so I or my dad make food with the stocked up fridge.

Owning a business is a give and take, you get money from working or for even just owning the store but on the other hand, it’s very stressful and takes a lot of energy out of you. I had the chance to work for my mother over the past summer and winter breaks and I found it extremely tiring. After the first day of work, I passed out in the car on the way home, granted I was doing all the grunt work. I think you can only appreciate something if you experience it first hand. People who look from an outside perspective may feel maybe sympathy or respect but they won’t understand unless they have done the same thing or been in a similar situation.

Coming to the mainland, I realized that there weren’t as many smaller businesses. Everything is part of a large chain like Trader Joes or Starbucks.

February 6th Free Writing

I have played video games for almost my whole life. I remember the first video game that I played was pokemon. I got my uncle’s used Gameboy advanced and played pokemon fire red. I never played anything like it before and I was instantly hooked, I played for hours and hours and it became one of my fondest childhood memories. That lead to exponentially increase my love and interest in video games and I began playing than almost all the time. I started to play WOW on my dad’s account at the young age of 10ish and played league of legends around 12. I wasn’t a prodigy at any of these but I found them enjoyable none the less. This kind of affected my study habits as the classes I had at the time wasn’t difficult but as soon as I entered high school I began to notice that schoolwork began to be more taxing time-wise. I spent more and more time studying and eventually it burned me out. My parents at the time weren’t doing so well mentally due to stress etc. which made them much harsher on me and my brother. I found myself getting yelled at for playing games when it had been normal for my whole life. My mentality slowly changed about school work when I was put into a tutoring center against my will which quickly depleted my motivation for school to zero. My grades fell a little bit because of it but I would do enough work to consistently get high B’s. The negative reinforcement from my parents and everyone at the tutoring center didn’t help at all and I developed a study habit of completing assignments last minute and being doing just enough so I didn’t feel too bad about turning it in. Life didn’t get easier as I moved to college as my defaulted response to boredom was to play video games and I found that the time I spent out of class lead me to play video games more than I studied. I also didn’t have a lot of job experience because of the pressure to do well in school as well as my parents’ prohibition from a young age. I’m currently trying to improve my lifestyle first and my study habits as well, but I feel that the difficult classes that I am forced to take for my major leave me in an undesirable spot for my grades. I’m not sure what to do at this point as the improvements that I am making for myself aren’t up to standard for my classes like Ochem and well chem in general. I find myself panicking more and have more anxiety due to those factors. I tend to go to videogames to help relieve some of the stress but my addiction brings me back somehow.


  1. Intro
    1. Young introduction to videogames through Uncle’s Gameboy advanced
    2. love for videogames turns into a habit
  2. Through my younger years
    1. This wasn’t a habit at the time because of the low difficulty of classes
    2. Classes slowly got more and more difficult but wasn’t a problem
  3. Highschool
    1. My love for videogames became an obstacle against my studying or homework
    2. My not A grades push my parents to put me into a tutoring place
    3. Harsh treatment from my parents and those there at the tutoring place lead me to stray away from studying even more
    4. That slowly became a habit and my hate for studying affects me to this day
  4. The Present
    1. I’m in college and my dislike for studying is still a problem
    2. I find it difficult to keep up with others in my class
    3. I have more anxiety and panic a lot more
    4. I still use videogames as a stress reliever and sometimes I play too much

February 4th


  • Create a NON-FICTION audio essay
  • The topic is on Identity, culture, and racial stereotyping
  • 3 minutes or less
  • Goal: reveal or provide an insight of someone you know or you’re own experience dealing with the topics mentioned above
  • Target: Classmates in college


  • Using software to edit the video
  • Voicing over the video due to low-quality equipment
  • Creating a clear and smooth dialogue for the essay

Addressing Difficulties

  • I have a headset that may or may not be better for audio quality
  • Creating an outline is a good way to create a speech and I have the luxury of spending multiple tries getting the perfect recording
  • I can use notes while speaking


  • I don’t think this is a difficult assignment but it will take some time to get into the groove of doing these
  • It won’t be something that you can do WELL last minute and I’m not the best at speaking in a concise and in a captivating manner


  • What is the recommended software for video editing and where can I get it?
  • what is the most optimal way to attempt this project?


I don’t remember a story of racial discrimination that occurred to my family but my friend once told me a story of his discrimination. While the matter wasn’t funny, my friend told it in a matter that just made everyone laugh! For background, my friend is a little chunky and Asian while also being around 5′ 5″ and this was around three years ago. The story takes place in Waikiki, the main travel destination for tourists and people visiting.

My friend began his story with “I was in Waikiki just minding my own business when a big black guy was walking towards me. As they were getting closer, the large man yells ‘get out of the way chink’. And so at first, he thought ‘what? Did he just call me a chink?’ but of course he didn’t say anything because, well he was a large black man.” My friend just gets out of his way and keeps walking. Now, of course, this story has some racial discrimination as seen in his choice to use the word “Chink”  which refers to Asians for their small eyes. Looking back at it now, it wasn’t cool that he got pushed around by that guy because of his size and ethnicity but it made a good story none the less.

I think the stereotype of a dangerous black man still holds to this day but there are a lot of black men that aren’t dangerous, that aren’t mean, and are willing to lend a helping hand. Cadogan is attempting to rewrite the image of how black men are perceived by the public by sharing his experience for being treated as a dangerous black male. I think people will read his book and understand his viewpoint but will not be able to put it into practice unless he or she or they meet someone who is nice towards them.

Day 2, January 30th

In Response to Kenneth Kwan Yeung Luk

  • Most people had long summaries as their response to the prompt “How do you respond…”
  • Kenneth had his own response that consisted of roughly half of his writing comparatively to most other people who barely wrote about their opinions at all
  • We also shared the same ideas about “Hillbilly Elegy” and we don’t want hard-working people to fund others who don’t deserve it
  • Kenneth also mentions his financial status which is somewhat brave and displays his background!
  • Kenneth mentions how communities are the place where people feel safe with similar people and is the reason why diversity isn’t as how it should be
  • On the other hand, I defend the community that people enjoy by explaining the comfort and safety that it provides
  • Furthermore, Kenneth goes into the details that people may find in common in a community


Cultural Bloopers

  1. Asian people like rice and noodles
  2. Most people ride the bus in SF
  3. Chinese food and other goods tend to be cheaper
  4. Gamers are all fat and sleep in basements
  5. Videogames aren’t profitable to play neither are their careers
  6. Women are bad drivers
  7. Men are just vessels for lust
  8. Asians are good at sciences
  9. The quiet kid in class is suffering from a disability


Hi, my name is Andrew and I’m a second-year bio major. I came from Hawaii, more specifically Oahu and I enjoy spending my time with my friends, gaming, or relaxing with some youtube/anime. I enjoy eating various Asian foods including GOOD poke, sushi, pho, dumplings, KBBQ, ramen, etc. I’m currently more of a night person but I’m trying to become a morning person because of my early classes and I may be late because of it haha. One of my hobbies is collecting pokemon cards, I started this past year with opening some packs that eventually lead me down a terrible and slippery slope of buying pack after pack. I look forward to this upcoming semester and the things that it offers.

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