March 31, 2020 W/ Cencere

We agree with Alang’s perspective that digital technologies also bring the feeling of wanting to be heard and seen by others but that isn’t the main benefit of the internet, it provides so much more from entertainment to being able to take classes online through zoom or even to talk with friends. Especially today with the Coronavirus pandemic, using digital technology to keep with those you care about is the most important function of the internet and social media.

March 3 Free Write

I think that a lot of people tend to eat what’s in their budget. If the person is poor then they are limited to eating fast food or food that probably isn’t as good for you because of two reasons: the quality of the food and the healthiness of the food. On the other hand, rich people can eat almost anything, one thing that comes to mind is when Bill Gates was seen eating a burger and later he claimed that it was his favorite burger. So rich people can eat cheap food like the rest of us!

While your economical status can dictate what you can and cannot eat, another thing that influences your decision is your social status. If you ever see some fitness model on IG you’ll probably see them eating a lot of salads or health drinks etc. Bodybuilders will eat a lot of protein to fuel their massive bodies with the nutrients it needs.

The last thing that I think determines what you eat is the health of your body. Sometimes when you aren’t eating healthy you feel bad so you try to eat something healthier like a salad. Being healthy whether you like it or not will somewhat affect your choices when you decide to eat something. If you eat pizza for several days in a row you probably won’t be able to eat much more of it and you might choose a salad or a healthy sandwich next time.

March 3rd




The top-ranked colleges are often some of the most difficult schools to get into. According to the business insider, the five most difficult colleges to get into having a less than a 10% acceptance rate; these schools are Cal Tech, MIT, Yale, Stanford, and Harvard. The same schools with the lowest acceptance rates also are listed highly in a variety of college rankings which leads to a positive correlation between the rankings and acceptance rate.

According to the Wiley Online Library, rankings of colleges benefit the colleges that are ranked the highest the most. These colleges that are ranked up higher tend to get more attention from investors which leads to more investments as well.

On the other hand, those of a lower income tend to be unable to get into the colleges that they want because of a lack of prerequisites that they are unable to complete because of their situation(Wharton). Another thing is that they often are unable to afford the college prep that most high school students go through such as SAT or ACT prep.


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February 27 Reflective Writing

I definitely think that the first image is the ideal thanksgiving that I get to part take in before I moved away for college. I used to spend my time with my extended family and we used to eat a lot of different foods that each family had prepared. Back then I think the idea of spending time alone or with strangers like in the thanksgiving in Iraq would have been out of the question. It’s interesting how these two images are so opposite and they are both my reality and my past at the same time. I now spend time usually alone cooking something nice or getting food delivered on thanksgiving. I don’t mind eating alone because I live alone anyways so there isn’t any different but sometimes I wish I could go back and experience that time before.

February 25 Reflection

I think its a huge stereotype but my family eats a lot of kimchi. As a member of a Korean household, I ate a lot of kimchi and rice as well as noodles of various shapes and sizes. From where I come from, kimchi is a widely accepted food and has made a huge splash in “Plate Lunches” by featuring as a side dish option that many people enjoy. From where I am from, eating rice and kimchi is normal by anyone’s standards and as a result, I didn’t see any cultural status. On the other hand, when I moved to SF for college, I found it difficult to find good kimchi and rice in restaurants. I felt like a minority just because the food I usually ate wasn’t easily available.

I understand that eating certain foods can create stereotypes about one’s self such as eating fast food may lead people to believe you’re either poor or simply don’t care about your health. There was this one restaurant in Hawaii that sold fried chicken and rice in a bowl for really cheap. The store looked run down and wasn’t in the best location because the asphalt absorbed the sun and made it a horrible place to wait for your food. You may look at the store and assume that everyone there was of a poor standing in society but the food was amazing and cheap which made it a favorite spot for a lot of the kids in my high school. A lot of people who were in sports enjoyed eating the food to help bulk for weight during a season to get stronger whether it was wrestling or football, it was a great place for anyone to eat.

February 25th, In class writing

Andrew Yi

Gordon Luk


“Reaching out to faculty and peers for academic and cultural support and regular participation at social events become key factors to help international students mitigate culture shock in U.S. colleges and universities(Gebhard, 2010, pg. 23).”
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February 20th

I think the idea of masculinity promotes physical dominance and raw carnage capable of a person and the more one is able to do so, the more manly they are. Because of the idea of masculinity, men are more inclined to like football for its physical dominance and it’s almost like a cult. I think Almond’s perspective on the topic is interesting because of its generalization and strong images that make it hard for one to disagree with him logically. I come from an unbiased point of view because I don’t watch football almost at all and I don’t necessarily enjoy watching men crashing into one another. I think football culture is impressive in its die-hard fan base but just because a lot of people like it doesn’t mean its correct. I especially don’t see the appeal in football and how it is as interesting as others perceive it to be, how people can make millions of dollars for being fast or a good thrower or even just a big meat shield. I think football is overrated and I don’t support the sport for what it is but that doesn’t mean that others can’t enjoy the sport but they should consume the content with the knowledge of the players that are knocked down permanently or those that die due to complications from the sport.

February 18th, Response

I thought it was interesting how all of the posts that I read mentioned the infantilizing that Stinger endorsed during the essay. It was interesting that the image of infantilizing which was so strong and vivid was remembered by almost everyone, I didn’t add this fact into my response because I didn’t see it as necessary but it may have been a good touch to add. I think most people understood that Harriet didn’t want people to see her as her disability but as someone who has a disability. The difference lies in that the disability isn’t what makes the person, its only a part of them in both the literal and figurative sense.


I don’t have that many physical shortcomings but a lack of vision is something that I struggled with ever since middle school. Every time I meet a new person, I’m sure they take note of my glasses and how my vision is then probably bad. That leads to various other assumptions like I spend too much time on my phone or playing games or possibly even too much time studying. While I don’t think these things are necessarily a bad thing, I feel them binding to what they expect my personality to be and it causes some irritation on my part. I feel like being stereotyped as one of the previously mentioned things doesn’t feel great and they aren’t even necessarily bad things! I thought that people just expected me to talk about games or anime or something but I always felt that it limited my range of topics that I could talk about. Sometimes I wanna talk about other things like gossip or food that’s really good and in the area or something but that kind of talk only comes naturally in a conversation after I’ve known them for quite some time.

There wasn’t any defining moment for my realization but I think that at some point, I sort of just realized that I wasn’t really talking about much with my friends and I kinda just understood slowly.

February 11th, In Class Writing

Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to be a business owner? Owning a small business is profitable if you fit your niche, yes but have you ever wondered how much work it takes to maintain said business.

My mother owns a small store in Hawaii selling snacks ranging from your casual candy to the more robust Acai bowl to the sweeter shaved ice cups. She spends most of her week there working with her employees, doing what they do and the constant work leads to terrible arthritis but she still works like everyone else. She still cleans and cooks at home even after a long day at work and the food she makes is amazing. Owning a business is taxing, both on your body and on your mind. She comes home to make food and she goes into her room to relax or pass out. Somedays she’s too tired to even cook us some food so I or my dad make food with the stocked up fridge.

Owning a business is a give and take, you get money from working or for even just owning the store but on the other hand, it’s very stressful and takes a lot of energy out of you. I had the chance to work for my mother over the past summer and winter breaks and I found it extremely tiring. After the first day of work, I passed out in the car on the way home, granted I was doing all the grunt work. I think you can only appreciate something if you experience it first hand. People who look from an outside perspective may feel maybe sympathy or respect but they won’t understand unless they have done the same thing or been in a similar situation.

Coming to the mainland, I realized that there weren’t as many smaller businesses. Everything is part of a large chain like Trader Joes or Starbucks.

February 6th Free Writing

I have played video games for almost my whole life. I remember the first video game that I played was pokemon. I got my uncle’s used Gameboy advanced and played pokemon fire red. I never played anything like it before and I was instantly hooked, I played for hours and hours and it became one of my fondest childhood memories. That lead to exponentially increase my love and interest in video games and I began playing than almost all the time. I started to play WOW on my dad’s account at the young age of 10ish and played league of legends around 12. I wasn’t a prodigy at any of these but I found them enjoyable none the less. This kind of affected my study habits as the classes I had at the time wasn’t difficult but as soon as I entered high school I began to notice that schoolwork began to be more taxing time-wise. I spent more and more time studying and eventually it burned me out. My parents at the time weren’t doing so well mentally due to stress etc. which made them much harsher on me and my brother. I found myself getting yelled at for playing games when it had been normal for my whole life. My mentality slowly changed about school work when I was put into a tutoring center against my will which quickly depleted my motivation for school to zero. My grades fell a little bit because of it but I would do enough work to consistently get high B’s. The negative reinforcement from my parents and everyone at the tutoring center didn’t help at all and I developed a study habit of completing assignments last minute and being doing just enough so I didn’t feel too bad about turning it in. Life didn’t get easier as I moved to college as my defaulted response to boredom was to play video games and I found that the time I spent out of class lead me to play video games more than I studied. I also didn’t have a lot of job experience because of the pressure to do well in school as well as my parents’ prohibition from a young age. I’m currently trying to improve my lifestyle first and my study habits as well, but I feel that the difficult classes that I am forced to take for my major leave me in an undesirable spot for my grades. I’m not sure what to do at this point as the improvements that I am making for myself aren’t up to standard for my classes like Ochem and well chem in general. I find myself panicking more and have more anxiety due to those factors. I tend to go to videogames to help relieve some of the stress but my addiction brings me back somehow.


  1. Intro
    1. Young introduction to videogames through Uncle’s Gameboy advanced
    2. love for videogames turns into a habit
  2. Through my younger years
    1. This wasn’t a habit at the time because of the low difficulty of classes
    2. Classes slowly got more and more difficult but wasn’t a problem
  3. Highschool
    1. My love for videogames became an obstacle against my studying or homework
    2. My not A grades push my parents to put me into a tutoring place
    3. Harsh treatment from my parents and those there at the tutoring place lead me to stray away from studying even more
    4. That slowly became a habit and my hate for studying affects me to this day
  4. The Present
    1. I’m in college and my dislike for studying is still a problem
    2. I find it difficult to keep up with others in my class
    3. I have more anxiety and panic a lot more
    4. I still use videogames as a stress reliever and sometimes I play too much