Class Discussion- March 24th (Bailey)

I would characterize “Minga Peru’s” use of her radio program to be strategic in how she goes about bringing about social change within the community. She used various sources of communication outlets from print, radio, television at one point and also had campaigns. I would consider this to be a cultural rhetoric approach. She created a space where people could find support, education, collaborative work, be encouraged and at the same time created change. Her topics were also very engaging because they were relevant questions from the people.

Community-oriented programs can enhance communication for human rights and social justice because the voices of the people that are typically silenced are being heard. Their voices and their struggles are going to resonate better than someone who is telling the story for them. By their voices being heard, this creates awareness and is impactful on an individual listening/reading. The effect of this knowledge first hand can create behavior changes and lead to more open communication, support programs and laws created around equality.