February 11th (Brianna Verdugo Interview )

Observational notes- Wedding ring sets

Used to signify your married and your commitment

Based on your look I think that you probably asked for that ring



Found ring on instagram

Recently married in Oct 2019

Takes off big ring when travels (loves to travel)

Can adjust it for day today

Chose grey diamond because it’s unique. It also has black specs inside (she says it to match the specs in her soul as a joke)

Feb 4th Class Discussion (Bailey/Buke)

The strategies that we found useful and supportive when communicating with people across communities and cultures; Individual narratives and storytelling. Visual representation. Ethnographic research helps when articles or books are published about the community. For example, a reader could purchase information about other communities which is a strategy to communicate with people across cultures.
Other examples of strategies are  code-switching, communicating success stories, mirroring
non-verbal behaviors, getting to class early, dressing a certain way, speaking a certain way, and overwriting papers.


Hello All! My name is Bailey and I live in San Francisco. By day I am a medical device sales rep and by night I am working towards being by best self by attending USFs graduate program.

Full time work and Full time school?!  I know, its crazy. To help me relax when Im stressed during it all I clean. I also drink, exercise, get gray hairs  but definitely practice and attitude of gratitude.

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