April 21-Class Discussion Week 14 Bailey, London and Marianna


  1. How can rhetorical practices be attuned to local cultures and their diverse knowledge-making practices? 

Utilizing different forms of communication and platforms (such as digital and social media, for example) that will allow the practice of authenticity, creative teaching, and openness to different perspectives. 

In light of the methodologies such as “training cultural impacts,” and “digital ethnography” (adopted by Maher & Getto), what effective measures can be adopted by technical and professional communication scholars to create and disseminate knowledge from diverse places and cultures?

  1. The study abroad program that was utilized at the university level was able to immerse students into a different culture giving them an alternative perspective that would disseminate their old perspective. By creating new / creative methods of teaching instead of having students know about different places and cultures exclusively from a textbook. By applying new ways of teaching – and adding an experimental way of teaching along with the lectures – it would make it easier to create and disseminate knowledge. Although the example from the reading talks about a study abroad program, realistically, not every student can participate on a program like that. However, by implementing different ways of teaching (books, movies, food, networking with someone from the specific culture being studied, use of digital media) the same can also be achieved. 

Week 13 response- Bailey, Halimat, Buke

What role do new media play in helping communicators develop resistance rhetorics to assert
identities of racialized communities in the U.S.?
Able to reach larger audiences and spread throughout the global platform quickly. New media also allows individuals to voice their opinions and gain other people’s support that feel the same way along the way.  A lot of content available to reach all groups.
Also, it contributes to societal discourse by allowing people to be informed and have conversations.
New Media also allows exposure of identities in non- stereotypical ways, a new articulation of identity.
How would these communities perform or practice cultural representations in a way to subvert their (mis)representation and assert their agency?
By discussing identity in open platforms, protesting stereotypes, boycotting companies that are misrepresenting people. Creating art, fashion, music in a way to promote cultural representation.
Drawing on the critical autoethnographic approach of Steven Alvarez, and coalitional
rhetoric approach of Jovilette Mecenas, discuss your examples of such resistance rhetorics.
Resistance rhetoric using music, art, poetry, film, and media to produce influencing material. By doing this people are able to critically resistance the wrong representation of racial identity.

April 7th in class discussion- Deema/ Neha/ Rachel

Jesuit rhetoric deviates from classical rhetoric by teaching the speaker not to just focus on a persuasive message but also to keep the common good in mind. To understand there role contributing to society as a whole.
A way that Jesuit rhetoric conforms to classical rhetoric is through the audience engagement and relating to the audience.
How the Jesuit communication patterns contribute to moral and civic concerns relate to the art of the word, like classic rhetoric.
The moral and civic concerns are that they know what they are saying and understand what they are saying because rhetoric use is powerful and influences. Another Jesuit communication adds to society ensuring that students are taught holistically to become more well-rounded individuals and ethical decision-makers.

Class Discussion- March 24th (Bailey)

I would characterize “Minga Peru’s” use of her radio program to be strategic in how she goes about bringing about social change within the community. She used various sources of communication outlets from print, radio, television at one point and also had campaigns. I would consider this to be a cultural rhetoric approach. She created a space where people could find support, education, collaborative work, be encouraged and at the same time created change. Her topics were also very engaging because they were relevant questions from the people.

Community-oriented programs can enhance communication for human rights and social justice because the voices of the people that are typically silenced are being heard. Their voices and their struggles are going to resonate better than someone who is telling the story for them. By their voices being heard, this creates awareness and is impactful on an individual listening/reading. The effect of this knowledge first hand can create behavior changes and lead to more open communication, support programs and laws created around equality.

February 11th (Brianna Verdugo Interview )

Observational notes- Wedding ring sets

Used to signify your married and your commitment

Based on your look I think that you probably asked for that ring



Found ring on instagram

Recently married in Oct 2019

Takes off big ring when travels (loves to travel)

Can adjust it for day today

Chose grey diamond because it’s unique. It also has black specs inside (she says it to match the specs in her soul as a joke)

Feb 4th Class Discussion (Bailey/Buke)

The strategies that we found useful and supportive when communicating with people across communities and cultures; Individual narratives and storytelling. Visual representation. Ethnographic research helps when articles or books are published about the community. For example, a reader could purchase information about other communities which is a strategy to communicate with people across cultures.
Other examples of strategies are  code-switching, communicating success stories, mirroring
non-verbal behaviors, getting to class early, dressing a certain way, speaking a certain way, and overwriting papers.


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